Lost in La Mancha: I wish Terry Gilliam had had better luck with his Don Quixote adaptation. If he had then it would be opening in theaters right about now. We would be thrilling to the adventures of Quixote and Johnny Depp as Pancho Villa. But alas, we will never get that treat. We can console ourselves though with a little project called Lost in Lamancha. Jeff Bridges narrates this documentary about the "un-making" of Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote film. The documentary is set to open next week in Europe. No word, as of yet, when it's coming to the US.

To check out the official site CLICK HERE

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star: Alyssa Milano hasn't appeared in a feature film since 1996's Fear. She has been busy during that time filming Charmed for the WB network,and the nationally recognizable ads for 1800-COLLECT. According to Movie Poop Shoot Ms. Milano has chosen to star with David Spade in the film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star for her return to the big screen. She will reportedly play Spade's girlfriend.

Daredevil After that rush of news and media coming out a few weeks ago things had seemingly slowed down a bit here in the dog days of summer. Today though a little treat has surfaced for all those fans of the man without fear. The Official Site has posted three brand new still from the film. Head over and check them out!

Harry Potter and the Priziner of Azkaban: A few months ago Chris Columbus let it be known that he was moving his family back to the US after he finished filming the second Harry Potter film and that he would not be helming the third installment. Rumors immediately started flying about who would next take the drivers seat of the franchise. Today we can officially confirm the rumor that we reported on a few months ago. Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambien) has officially been given the reigns according to Film Force.

More news when I get it...~Bobby