Do you want to watch Seth Rogen paint James Franco in the nude? Well, then, you better hurry over to the official facebook page for their upcoming comedy This Is the End. When certain benchmark likes are achieved, fun videos of the guys messing with each other will be unlocked. Take a look at the introduction video, then read on for more details.

Help This Is the End get to 800,000 Likes and Seth Rogen will paint James Franco in the nude: CLICK HERE

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Seth Rogen has come together with co-stars Jay Baruchel, James Franco, and Danny McBride, and the four have promised to make some awesome things happen as the number of Likes on the film's Facebook page increases. Here's a rundown of the offers they've put on the table:

  • 500,000 Likes = Danny waxes Seth's back
  • 650,000 Likes = Jay and Danny share a strand of spaghetti
  • 800,000 Likes = Seth and James and paints and nudity