Henry Cavill is trending as thousands of fans celebrate the Superman actor on his birthday. Now 38 years old, Cavill is well known for playing Clark Kent in the DCEU in movies like Man of Steel and Justice League. He has since been starring in the hit Netflix series The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia, another role that has become very popular with Cavill's fans.

In honor of Cavill's 38th birthday, one fan took to Twitter to write, "Happy birthday to the Man of Steel & The Witcher himself, Henry Cavill. A true talent with a big heart! One of the best & amazing as always!" Another fan tweets, "Happy Birthday Henry Cavill. Thanks for always inspiring and making the world a little more optimistic and bright."

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Another tweet reads: "Happy birthday to Henry Cavill that sexy man #HappyBirthdayHenryCavill . You were born for this role and you inspired us to believe in a superman that could live in our society just given a good man. And I think if a superman were even real you would be a great candidate."

"Happy birthday to my favorite actor, superhero, witcher, and horse rider," says someone else. "Hope you be the next James Bond. Ps: Also I very much like to see you as Mr. Darcy." One fan said, "Happy birthday to a friend we don't know. Thanks for being such a wonderful Superman both in movies and in life. For many years to come and for many birthdays to celebrate."

And artwork from BossLogic shows Cavill as Geralt of Rivia celebrating his 38th birthday, complete with a cake, party popper, and birthday hat.

We'll see Cavill back in that role for real soon enough, as season 2 of The Witcher has completed filming. It was also revealed that the new episodes are slated to hit Netflix in late 2021, so fans will be getting more of Geralt by the end of the year. The first season was a big hit for the streamer when it premiered in 2019, and it wasn't long before Netflix ordered a second season. Because of multiple production delays, the production took over a year to complete, but the cast and crew announced that it had wrapped in early April.

As for the Man of Steel, Cavill's future in that role remains unclear. There's currently a Superman reboot in the works at Warner Bros. from screenwriter Ta-Nehisi Coates, making the chances of Man of Steel 2 seem less likely. Cavill was recently seen as Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League, the four-hour cut of Justice League featuring additional footage not shown in the original theatrical release.

During the production of Justice League, Cavill was also called back to the set for reshoots directed by Joss Whedon. Because he was filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout, he was unable to shave his mustache, and Whedon had the VFX team digitally remove Cavill's facial hair. This has recently inspired a campaign to #ReleaseTheMustacheCut after a viral video put the mustache back into the Justice League footage.

Happy birthday to Henry Cavill! You can see what other fans are saying about the actor on Twitter with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayHenryCavill.