Henry Cavill has finally shaved his Mission: Impossible mustache. And no, it's not CGI this time. Much has been made of the actor's facial hair in recent months, as the man responsible for bringing Superman to life on the big screen found himself in a bit of a situation. One that required Warner Bros. to spend millions of dollars to CGI said mustache off of his face since he wasn't allowed to shave it during the Justice League reshoots. Now, after all of the runaround, the mustache Cavill lovingly referred to as "Kingstache" is no more, as revealed in an epic Instagram video.

The actor posted a video of himself, mustacheless, in front of a makeup mirror. The Justice League actor has had the facial hair for quite some time now and joked about people maybe not recognizing him as a result of being clean shaven once again. He hilariously captioned the video with the hashtag #ShavedButNotForgotton. Here's what he had to say in the video about his former lip hair.

"Oh hello. Don't be alarmed. It's me, Henry Cavill. Sometimes superhero and former secret agent. But now, completely clean shaven. I know, it's hard to recognize me without Kingstache. Sometimes, I even have trouble recognizing myself. It's hard for me to admit, this is not CGI. He's really gone. I can tell you this though; I will remember him, always."

The video then transitions into an amazing and hilarious montage of pictures of him with his mustache. And at least one photo of the awful Superman face with no mustache, thanks to some last-minute, terrible CGI. Henry Cavill has been playfully aware of how unique and kind of ridiculous this whole situation was from the beginning and, instead of letting it get to him, he's done his best to have some fun with it.

For those who may not be familiar with the mustache situation, it all has to do with the significant reshoots done on Justice League. Superman doesn't have a mustache, as we know, but his Mission: Impossible - Fallout character does. So, the mustache needed to be removed from Superman's face with some pretty awful CGI, as he wasn't allowed to shave it for Justice League reshoots, per Paramount's insistence. As a result, we got the very obvious face CGI seen on Superman in Justice League, which has been the subject of much discussion ever since the movie was released.

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In any case, Justice League came and went and has wrapped up its run at the box office. Now, Henry Cavill is back to being his clean-shaven self. However, if you're going to miss his mustache, you're in luck, as Mission: Impossible - Fallout is set to arrive in theaters this July and, as we've seen in promotional images and the trailer, there's going to be plenty of Cavill and his mustache to go around. Be sure to check out Henry Cavill's Instagram tribute to his mustache for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott