We all know that Henry Cavill is on the scene in Detroit, filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside co-stars Holly Hunter and Scoot McNairy (is he The Flash?). But today marks the first time we've actually seen him in his new Superman costume, after a multitude of paparazzi images offered us a look at him in his black robe, used to hide his true costumed appearance. While we've previously seen the studio commissioned professional look at Superman, here he is shooting on location:

Here is the official image released by Warner Bros. and DC Comics before Comic-Con 2014:

Man of Steel in Batman Vs Superman Photo

/batman-v-superman-set-photos-tease-scoot-mcnairy-as-the-flash/Yesterday, we saw a barrage of new set photos, the most interesting of which offered a look at Scoot McNairy, whose role has not been revealed. Wearing long green socks, used for VFX replacement later in post-production, it is speculated that he is either playing The Flash (the most popular theory) or Metallo. We may not know the true identity of his character until sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, as the film begins its official marketing campaign.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to shoot this week in Detroit.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange