Hero: According to Variety, Miramax, which took some heat for waiting to release the 2002 Jet Li Chinese martial arts movie Hero to U.S. theaters, is wasting no time in getting it to DVD. The disc will hit stores November 30th.

While it has become a somewhat common practice to rush even late-summer theatrical hits onto DVD in time for the holiday selling season, Miramax is taking the unprecedented step of announcing DVD plans for a movie that has been in theaters for just two weekends and is still the top performer at the box office.

The short window and shotgun announcement aim to circumvent the Chinese DVD version of the movie, which has been widely available for months via the Internet and other outlets. The Miramax version will offer both subtitled and dubbed English translations, as well as a making-of featurette and interview with presenter Quentin Tarantino.

Miramax, which has long had the longest windows of any supplier, is making an effort to shorten the window of time between its pics' theatrical and video releases.

Miramax also is releasing the 2003 samurai epic Zatoichi on DVD in November.