James Kyson Lee, who plays the newly empowered Ando on Heroes, wants fans to know that they can expect to see more of him and Hiro as the series finishes up Season Three. Lee spoke to SCI FI Wire about his involvement on the remainder of the show, including the development of his new power.

Lee said "Oh, and you're going to get to see Ando learn a new trick with his mojo, so that should be fun." When asked if we would see new opportunities for Ando to supercharge other people's abilities, Lee answered "Right now, we know that it can supercharge other people's abilities, but if you remember the very first episode of [volume three] "Villains," we got a glimpse into an alternate future where you saw Ando blast away my buddy with this sort of electric red lightning type of blast. So there's a lot more to this power than what's been revealed, and I think when we come back, you'll see one more new dimension to that ability." Lee went on to say "I'm not saying that that scene that we saw was going to happen at all, but in terms of seeing the ability evolve, you are definitely going to see that. I'll tell you, he'll be more than a supercharger. He'll be a lot more."

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Lee also discussed what we can expect to see with Hiro and Ando watching over Matt Parkman's baby. First off, he said "I wouldn't say babysit, but think of more adventures with a new partner, a new friend." Lee also addressed the possibility of baby Parkman inheriting his father's powers, saying "ou're definitely going to find out more about that on the episode on the 23rd. Yeah, don't be surprised. Now I wouldn't say the baby's reading other people's minds. I mean, he can barely talk, but maybe there's something else in store."

Finally, Lee talked a little bit about what we can expect from Volume Five, which will kick off Season Four next fall. "Well, I don't know exactly in terms of the direction of the arc of the volume, but you will get a little taste at the season finale. I can say that you will meet a new female baddie. I think Joe [Pokaski] and Aaron [Eli Coleite], our writers, kind of revealed that, gave that little teaser on their blog. You know what it is? The characters that we all came to know from the first season, I think we're sort of going back to the reality of their lives, meaning these are characters that actually live and they have to go back to their personal lives and whatnot, and the consequences of that after going through such an odd, supernatural series of events."

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. The show airs Monday nights on NBC.