Following the 24-episode second season of NBC's Heroes, a separate anthology series titled Heroes: Origins will air. Until now, details on Heroes: Origins have been scarce.

But this weekend, at a festival hosted by the New Yorker, news about the anthology series was revealed. According to Pulp Secret, Heroes: Origins will be a six-episode long mini-series.

Each episode will contain two stories about new heroes who have not yet been seen on Heroes, with viewers able to vote their favorite character to become a part of the main storyline for Season 3. The episodes will also be something of an homage to The Twilight Zone, with the individual stories serving as a cautionary story.

It was also revealed that the each episode will feature a guest director and/or writer. Among those slated to guest are Kevin Smith (Clerks), Eli Roth (Hostel), Michael Dougherty (Writer on Superman Returns), and Jeph Loeb (Writer on Heroes and Smallville).

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