This week's episode kicks off with everyone's favorite walking nuclear weapon, Ted Sprague, in his makeshift shack in Nevada. For those who saw the exclusive clip on Deal or No Deal a couple weeks ago, this is old hat.

Ted receives an instant message (though he doesn't have an Internet connection) from Hana Gitelman (who uses the screenname 'Wireless'). She shows him a schematic for a pneumatic syringe that injects a radio isotope - allowing "the marked" to be tracked.

After showing her own set of marks, she proposes they work together. "I can find them Ted, and you can nuke them."

heroes recap unexpectedNext we visit the the Bennet's in Odessa where Mrs. Bennet doesn't recognize Claire. Claire calls for her brother who is on his way downstairs already. When Claire and Lyle return, her mother's memory seems to be fully in tact.

Next we see Mr. Bennet (or The Man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses, if you will) at Isaac's apartment. Isaac's latest painting is the Deveaux rooftop, a set of footprints is all that can be seen. HRG realizes an old friend (Peter's personal Obi-Wan, Claude) is still alive. HRG gives Isaac a gun, with the intent of it stopping Peter Petrelli dead in his tracks. Isaac asks what he's supposed to do with it - HRG's reply, "Save the world..."

Now we transition to Matt Parkman and his wife. Those diamonds of Malsky's are hidden safely in his sock drawer, but one is out in the open - set in a new ring Matt gives his wife.

We meet Dale Smither - a female mechanic with super-hearing in Montana. Mohinder and Zane (Oh, Sylar - how we love your dubious ways!) come to pay her a visit and learn more about her ability.

heroes recap unexpectedHiro is rescued from the confines of a locked supply closet by Steve Gustavson (Hope's ex-boyfriend, or partner, or whatever) who then pursue Hope and Ando.

Next we see Ted in a graveyard, at the tomb of his wife. He says goodbye to her, explaining that she wouldn't like what he's about to do. He lays flowers at the foot of her grave, and they wilt away - grass turns from green to brown under his feet - and within a few minutes the whole graveyard is brown, wilted and dead. Well, more dead than it was to begin with.

Claude is training Peter on the Deveaux rooftop. I use the word "train" but he's really just being him senselessly with a piece of steel piping. Peter focuses his strength and uses telekinesis to stop the pole from striking him.

Next we transition to Simone at Isaac's apartment. Isaac lies to her about trying to find Peter but she quickly picks up on it, recognizing the look he gives her as being the same would he would use when lying about shooting up. Simone tries to give Isaac her key to his apartment back but he refuses to take it - before she lives she presents an ultimatum of sorts to Isaac - "Find Peter."

heroes recap unexpectedWe come back to Hiro and Gustavson in the car together on the way to catch Hope and Ando. Gustavson fills Hiro's head with doubt about Ando and the idea of having a partner. All you get is blood on your hands.

After a short scene of Ando and Hope together, that ends with Hope pulling a gun on him, we are taken back to 'Zane' and Mohinder in Montana. They're getting ready to call it a night, renting roms at a motel. Mohinder (or as I shall refer to him, Mo) explains a genetic inhibiter he's working on, as well as shedding some light about Sylar and his father's dead to 'Zane.'

Claire approaches her mother about brainwashing and suggest that maybe she shouldn't trust Dad so much." Mrs. Bennet shakes it off, before passing out in the kitchen floor.

We come back to Peter and Claude, still on the rooftop - Claude gives a speech about pigeons and Peter's 'maximum potential.' The shot goes into 'Predator-mode' as we see the perspective through heat vision goggles. HRG and The Haitian attempt to capture Claude and Peter using stun tasers. They succeed in hitting Claude in the neck but Peter foils them by freezing time, rescuing Claude and then blasting off the rooftop in a very Superman moment.

Before they can pursue, Claire calls and tells her father about Mom and he has to return home.

As Matt Parkman is telling his wife the truth about her ring and the rest of the diamonds, Ted calls.

Claude wakes up and immediately confronts Peter. They realize they've been betrayed by Isaac and we learn that the reason Claude's stayed invisible all this time is because he's been hiding from HRG and his agency - and now Peter has led them right to him. He goes into hiding and leaves Peter - his training incomplete.

heroes recap unexpectedSimone visits Nathan (Flying Man!) to talk about Peter. Simone wants to go public about Peter's ability, with obviously Nathan is strongly against. He talks about witch hunts and makes a lovely nod to Lost, saying the government would just Stick us on an island in the middle of the ocean.

There's a shootout between Gustavson and Hope which ends in Ando getting shot - though it just grazed his arm. Hiro goes to his rescue and as they try to hide, Hope finds them. As she fires a bullet directly at Hiro's head, he shows a new side to his power. While the rest of time seems to move forward at a normal pace, he somehow rewinds her gun, putting the bullet back in the chamber as cops tackle her to the ground.

We cut back to Dale the Mechanic who has been approached by Sylar. She hears something inside him. "That sound in your heart, what is it?" The cool, sadistic Sylar replies, "Murder."

The final act of this episode is so insane that I nearly flipped over my coffee table and threw myself out the window of my 2nd floor apartment. Yeah, it's that good.

First with start with Claire in the hospital with her mother. The doctor discusses her condition, stating she has a bruise on her brain (specifically on the area that controls memory). Claire tells the doctor about a man who can take your memories by touching you. Obviously this is taken with a grain of salt.

Matt Parkamn meets Ted in the graveyard where he meets Hana for the first time. She lets Matt in on the plan - detailing a shipment of syringes to Primatech Paper in Texas. The three plan to go to Odessa and confront HRG.

Claire confronts her father and exposes the truth that she knows about what he's been up to. She reveals that her memory is in tact and they have a falling out. Claire says she's thought about running away but that she can't, that she has to stay because someone has to protect the family from Mr. Bennet.

heroes recap unexpectedThe finale? Isaac paints a picture of an angry Peter - only to turn around and find Peter in his apartment. They fight, Peter sends Isaac flying through the air by using telekinesis. Isaac grabs the gun and goes to shoot, but Petrelli goes invisible. Isaac follows his presence and fires. Bullets find their way into SIMONE's chest.

SIMONE! One point to an epic love triangle - dies in Peter's arms. As HRG and Claire return home, they are met by Ted and Matt - and held at gun point.

This episode definitely delivered - someone did indeed fly, and someone died. Be sure to catch Chapter 17: "Company man" next Monday at 9 p.m.

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