Chapter 18 opens at the Deveaux building, where we last left Peter Petrelli and Isaac Mendez. Peter seems calm and collected, though definitely somber at the loss of Simone. Isaac gets angry, blaming Peter for her death, and pulls the gun on him once again. Only this time Peter turns invisible and flees

Next we transition to Las Vegas, where Hiro tries to get past guards at the Corinthian Hotel, but is removed by security because he has been flagged as "a cheat." I guess that whole stint as a busboy and getting locked in a utility closet sparked some attention.

We're back at Primatech where Thompson is questioning our favorite horn-rimmed mystery man Mr. Bennet. Bennet doesn't remember anything and is desperate to find his daughter. We see Matt Parkman behind a double-sided mirror with Thompson's latest recruit (Missy Peregrym). He verifies to Thompson that Bennet is telling the truth about not remembering.

The Haitian and Claire are somewhere along route. She can't go back to her family, the Haitian reminds her of the sacrifices her father made to protect her life and that she should honor him. They stop at a convenience store and the Haitian makes a call, speaking in French. He then tells Claire that they must leave the country.

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We're taken to New York where Nathan Petrelli is paid a visit by the FBI. Nathan has struck a deal with them in order to bring Linderman down, who has requested a face-to-face with Nathan in Vegas.

The officers leave and suddenly Peter appears out of thin air. Clearly disturbed and covered in someone else's blood, a distraught Peter explains that Isaac has killed Simone, and he feels personally responsible. Nathan offers to make an anonymous phone call and get everything worked out. As someone comes in to speak with Nathan, Peter slips out of sight.

Mr Bennet and his wife are talking. Suddenly the conversation shifts and Mrs. Bennet whispers to HRG. She says he told her to pretend that The Haitian took her memory. She knows what happened to Claire, and she gives him a note. "Claire is with friends, don't go after her." It's Mr. Bennet's writing.

There's a knock on the door and Thompson's associate walks in, delivering a message to Bennet. She says he has a new assignment - Isaac killed Simone and they need to get it sorted out.

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We transition to Sylar (as Zane) and Mohinder at Suresh's apartment. Zane sees that Mohinder is stressed and offers to help, taking some names from the list and calling them why Mohinder takes a break. He calls up Isaac Mendez, but it's busy. "I'll get him later," he says - and I have a feeling he will...

Mohinder makes some coffee, and gives it to Zane, who drinks it without hesitation. Zane asks who they're going to call next, and Mohinder says no one, "I already have you, Mr. Sylar." Mohinder has drugged Sylar's coffee, who collapses on the spot.

In Vegas, Nathan runs into Hiro. He asks where Ando is, and Hiro explains he sent him back home. Hiro needs help getting past the security and Nathan assists him by explaining to the guards that Hiro is personally delivering something to Linderman.

The Haitian and Claire are in an airport. She wants to go to Peter Petrelli's, but The Haitian says no, Peter is in no position to help her or himself. She goes through the ticket gate but The Haitian can't follow. Claire walks off and trashes his ticket that she stole while he wasn't paying attention.

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Isaac gets a visit from the NYPD, who ask him about Simone, but then Simone walks in. The police leave. Mr. Bennet comes in, 'you are very useful,' he says in response his new partner's power. The scene changes, and we see Missy Peregrym's character. She can manipulate what people see. She made everyone see Simone standing there. Mr Bennet tells Isaac that Simone is traveling Europe as far as anyone knows.

Jessica is playing a video game with Micah. As Micah leaves to catch the bus, Jessica approaches Niki in the mirror, saying she does a better Niki than her. D.L. enters the room. He found a photo of Nathan Petrelli, and asks her about it. He walks off, knowing something is wrong. Jessica loads a gun.

Sylar can't move his fingers. Mohinder explains the drug he gave him induces paralysis of the brain, he won't have any control over his abilities. He vibrates a tuning fork against the table and asks him his name. The sound tortures Sylar, forcing him to admit that he is in fact the murder of Mohinder's father, Sylar.

Suresh calls him a parasite, and explains that he's going to kill him. But before he does, he's going to do a little more research. Mohinder pulls out a needle, and takes some of Sylar's spinal fluid. "It's going to hurt."

Hiro arrives in the archives. The room is filled with paintings by Isaac Mendez. Hiro gives the curator the painting, and as he leaves to store it, Hiro searches for the sword on the archive's computer. He locates it and opens the drawer where it is contained.

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As Hiro moves the stairs to climb up and grab it, the curator stands right behind him, explaining there are 754 members of security in the Casino, and they will all come running at the push of a button. He pushes the button, and the room goes into lockdown.

A security guard walks in, and knocks the curator out. It's Ando. He followed Hiro because he knew sooner or later he would trigger an alarm. They blockade the door.

We catch back up with Nathan, who is wearing a wire and under surveillance by the FBI. Suddenly Jessica bursts into the room where the agents are monitoring Nathan and quickly caps both of them.

Back at Mohinder's apartment, he discovers 4 genes from Sylar that will help make a new, more complete list. As a strapped-down Sylar asks for help from Mohinder, he abruptly goes crazy and demands to see the list so he can "sink his teeth into it."

Mohinder pulls a gun and shoots. We see the shot from behind Sylar's head as he's knocked backward. As the camera pans round, we see the bullet stopped in mid air.

"I wasn't begging for my life," says Sylar. "I was offering you yours." Sylar releases himself from the straps with telekinesis, his figure engulfing Mohinder in the frame.

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We cut back to Isaac who is flipping through a sketchbook filled with some of his previous works. Isaac loses it, knocking a shelf over and finds a stash of drugs, presumably shooting up. Isaac paints his most terrible portrait yet, of himself dead on the floor with the top of his head cut off, brain removed.

Back in Vegas, Nathan is approached by Niki and tells him that Jessica may be back soon and he must escape. When Mr. Bennet gets home, he turns the shower on and talks to his wife. He says he can't go get Claire and the 'The Company' has to be stopped.

Mrs. Bennet gets a phone call, as HRG looks on puzzled. "He's going to be a problem." We realize it was a trap, faked from the start - Thompson comes in and 'Mrs. Bennet' transforms back into his associate.

Hiro gets his sword, as the guards try to break in. Ando tells him that he should teleport, but Hiro says they both can. They end up on top of the Deveaux building, but it's different. They look out at the city of New York, and it's completely destroyed. Hiro is disappointed, believing he has failed.

Claire knocks on a door and tells the person that she is looking for Peter Petrelli. Mrs Petrelli answers, 'You better come in Claire.' She talks in French, and The Haitian comes in. She explains that she's Claire's grandmother and that Claire is as stubborn as her father.

Nathan is talking to Niki. She tells him to knock her out, and Nathan punches her. He goes down to the Casino kitchen, and meets with Linderman who is played by Malcolm McDowell (of Clockwork Orange fame).

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A calm and collected Linderman tells Nathan of his love for cooking. Nathan pulls a gun, but the well-spoken Linderman is unmoved. He says that if he pulls the trigger they will both be dead in moments.

Linderman reveals that he knows Nathan can fly. He knows about Peter and his problem, and Nathan's daughter. He says that he will win his election, and in two years Nathan will be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

This is it - the final scene until April 23. Peter knocks on Mohinder's door. There isn't an answer so he lets himself in, only to find a dark, seemingly empty apartment. As he continues to search he feels something splash on his head. As another drops his his forehead he realizes it's blood. He looks up to see Mohinder on the ceiling - pressed firmly against it with the use of Sylar's telekinesis. Mohinder whispers, 'Sylar.'

Peter turns round to see Sylar standing in front of him. In low evil voice, Sylar rumbles, "I remember you," and he pushes him against the wall.

Our favorite clock repair specialist wants to see how Peter works, and he starts cutting at Peter's skull. Peter screams, as a few droplets of blood and a single lock of hair fall to the ground.

What an amazing episode! I can hardly contain myself until April 23 when Heroes returns from hiatus. Check back next week when I'll try my best to fill your Heroes cravings with news, theories and suggestions on ways to fill your time until the show comes back on the air.

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