Whew, it's good to be back kids. 7 weeks without Heroes is almost unbearable - so unbearable in fact, I ran straight into the arms of an old flame, a mysterious lover known as Lost, but that's another story.

Anyway, we return with Chapter 19: '.07%' which starts with Mr. Bennet stuck in his cell at Primatech Paper. A distressed Claire runs in dressed in her cheerleading uniform, but Bennet isn't buying it for a second - and for good reason:

Our resident illusionist Candice is trying to trick him, who says she could Bennet things that would make him "tear his eyes out," but Thompson enters and won't allow it.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

We cut to Linderman and Nathan discussing art in Linderman's archives. After showing Nathan a picture of New York blowing up, Linderman explains that the bomb will bring about a great change - it will lead to Nathan taking office as President and uniting the world.

There's a reveal here that Linderman has a power as well, he is in fact a healer - bringing a plant back to life by merely touching it.

Next we see Matt Parkman locked in a cell at Primatech. Bennet is communicating with him via Matt's telepathy, giving him instructions on how to escape.

Next we cut back to the fight we've been waiting for: Peter vs. Sylar!!! Peter heals the cut across his head and then uses Sylar's own telekinesis to force him off. After freeing Mohinder from the ceiling, Peter turns invisible in an attempt to trick Sylar, but our power-stealing serial killer is ready for him, using telekinesis to create a barrier of broken glass, then suddenly sending the shards out in every direction - stabbing peter in the back of the head and effectively "killing him."

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

Mohinder smashes Sylar with the map-covered easel and escapes - destroying the laptop and Sylar's chance at finding the list.

At the Petrelli household, Mrs. Petrelli is telling Claire that her father thought she was dead. She needs Claire to go to France.

At Mohinder's, Sylar wakes up and finds the list is gone, and also a comic book cutting, it's Isaac's address. At Isaac's apartment, Isaac is talking to a man. He is giving him the final comic to take to his editor. The man sounds excited, and Isaac shows him the cover, it says 'Hiro in the future.

At Niki's, Jessica and D.L. are arguing. D.L. says that he is leaving and taking Micah with him.

At Primatech, HRG tells Matt to free Ted Sprague from his cell. Matt finds Sprague and frees him, though Ted doesn't want to leave. Matt tells him that he will have to go with him because he wants to live. Thompson finds the unconscious guard and sets off the alarm.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

Back at the Petrelli's, Mohinder tells Mrs. Petrelli that Peter is dead.

At Linderman's archives, Linderman tries to get Jessica to allow him to see Micah. It's obvious that Linderman needs him to throw the election in Nathan's favor.

Back at Primatech, Matt is telling Sprague that he has to use his power to create an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse. Sprague says he doesn't know how to do that, but Matt says that HRG tells him not to burn hot, but to burn bright. Matt stands back, and Sprague tries. After a failed attempt, he burns a bright blue light, and all the lights go out. The alarm is silenced.

At the Petrelli's, Nathan comes home from Vegas and sees Peter on the couch. Mrs Petrelli says that he is gone. Nathan cries, saying that he isn't supposed to die this way.

Claire comes in and says she wants to see Peter, and Mrs Petrelli says that he should let her have her moment. Claire looks over Peter, saying that she didn't even get to know him. She notices a bit of glass in the back of his head, and she pulls it out. The color comes to his eyes, and he coughs. He has come back to life.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

Nathan looks surprised. Claire says that she guesses they are even. Peter speaks to Nathan. Peter says that Claire is important to the future. Mrs Petrelli comes in, and Nathan says that they need to tell her something. Mrs Petrelli says that she knows, she has known for a long time, long before they did.

At The Burnt Toast Diner, HRG says that as long as Primatech has their tracking system, Thompson and the gang will find them. The tracking system is based in New York City.

Matt asks if that's where Linderman is, and HRG seems totally surprised. Matt says that he got the name from Thompson, that must be who he is working for. HRG doesn't even know Linderman is behind it.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

HRG says that Linderman isn't in New York, he is in Las Vegas. Matt wants to go to Vegas, but HRG says that they have to take out the tracking system first. Ted says that he has always wanted to go to New York.

At Jessica's house, Jessica tells Micah that she wants him to meet someone. Linderman gets out of a Limo and goes over to him. He asks him if he wants to save the world today. He takes Micah and leaves. Jessica turns into Candice, and Candice walks off as a red car pulls up with the real Jessica in it.

Isaac is looking at a painting he painted of Sylar standing over him, when Sylar speaks. Isaac isn't scared of Sylar. He tells him that Sylar will soon die. Sylar knocks him to the floor and impales his arms with paintbrushes. He then impales his legs too. Isaac says that he can't fight the future. Isaac says that he finally knows his part. He will die there, with Sylar, but not before he shows them how to kill him, and stop the bomb. He finally gets to be a hero. With that, Sylar cuts open Isaac's head.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 19

In Nathan's office, he looks at a painting of himself in the oval office. He tells Claire he needs her to go to France for a week, and then she can come back to her family. At Isaac's, Sylar paints a freaky painting of Nathan in the white house. We then go forward five years, and Hiro and Ando are in New York. They go into Isaac's apartment, thinking that he is still alive, and they call out for him. There is lots of string hanging from the ceiling, with cutting stuck to it. It's a timeline. They hear someone draw a sword, and Hiro too draws his. They see Future Hiro standing there. He says, 'You.' and Hiro replies meekly, 'Me?'

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