Episode 20 of NBC's Heroes raises the bar (yet again) for the show, taking the story to a whole new level that had me jumping out of my seat at times.

in 'Five Years Gone,' we pick back up with Hiro and Ando as they've journeyed five years into the future where things are less than peachy for our heroes. The dynamic duo go to Isaac Mendez's loft where they run into Future Hiro (complete with his sweet soul patch). Future Hiro explains the bomb happened anyway, and the bomb was a man named Sylar.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

As Future Hiro explains to Ando what his map of time is all about, Matt Parkman and the Haitian bust in with a ton of soldiers. We find out that Parkman has been named the director of Homeland Security and that Future Hiro is a wanted terrorist. It seems now that the Haitian can nullify any special's powers by being in their presence, as Future Hiro cannot teleport.

Parkman and the Haitian take Present Hiro captive as Future Hiro and Ando escape. Future Hiro tells Ando they must go to Las Vegas to find Peter Petrelli.

They arrive at a strip club where Jessica is starting her routine - it seems we have a clear winner in the battle between Niki and Jessica. Jessica and Hiro converse, discussing the past and what can be done to fix it. Hiro asks about Bennet and where he is.

We see Peter at the bar (or do we? He's invisible at first) where he confronts Jessica on how she has to let go of everything that has happened. We learn that Micah died in the blast.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

We go back to Homeland Security HQ where Parkman accuses Present Hiro of terrorist acts like prison breaks (resulting in the deaths of many "good men"). Parkman reads Hiro's thoughts and finds nothing, he begins to suspect something is wrong. Parkman gets a phone call from his boss, the president: Nathan Petrelli.

Next we cut to Petrelli w/ Mohinder. We learn that Mohinder is supposedly no closer to finding a solution than when he started. It seems that those with special abilities have been banned from breeding and are being tracked and monitored by the government.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

Mohinder reminds Nathan that he is "one of them." Nathan replies, "I can fly. I'm hardly dangerous."

We cut back to Parkman who is beating information out of bloody Present day Hiro.

Next we visit Primatech Paper where Bennet and Hana are relocating specials and placing them under protection - think Underground Railroad, X-men style.

Bennet has gotten rid of his horn-rimmed glasses (sadly) and is genuinely trying to protect those that he helped tracked down in years past. Future Hiro and Ando visit him in an attempt to find out information. We learn that Future Hiro tracked down DL, Candice and Molly Walker for Bennet.

It seems that Claire is still alive, the whole "Save The Cheerleader" thing paid off.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

Bennet visits Claire, who is a waitress at the Burnt Toast diner in Midland, TX. She's disguised, of course, with long brown hair and the name of Sandra. She's getting married to Andy, a cook at the diner who is head over heels for her (and who can blame him!?).

Bennet tells her that people know she's alive and she must leave. In the background a TV news program mentions the "Linderman Act."

We cut back to Future Hiro and Ando who are discussing a plan to break Present Hiro out. The plan involves Candice and DL.

Before they can set out to put the plan in motion, Parkman busts in and shoots Future Hiro with a stun gun. An invisible Peter makes himself seen and freezes time, promptly teleporting Ando and Hiro with him.

We find out that Ando died in the explosion and according to Peter, the 'old' Hiro died with him - the fun loving, optimistic nerd we all love.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

Peter is arguing with Niki. He says that it was him, the bomb. Nathan covered it up and said it was Sylar. She asks why he is going, and Peter says he isn't leaving, he is going to come back. They leave.

Nathan makes a speech about the five years since the explosion. He says that a serum has been developed. Hiro, Ando and Peter are standing at Homeland Security, when the guards jump back and pull out their guns.

Hiro asks if they should freeze time, but Peter says no, he enjoys a fight. Mohinder and Matt realises the alarm has been raised as the swat units pour in to the area. Hiro and Peter run away, Hiro takes swipes with his sword, and Peter throws people with his mind. Future Hiro says that The Haitian will block their powers upstairs, they have to take him out so that Hiro can teleport. Matt says to put them all down with no warning as they come up in the lift.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

Mohinder gets ready an injection for Hiro as Future Hiro gets in the lift. The lift opens and no-one is in it, Matt gets angry. Hiro pleads for his life, he says that he must go back. The Haitian holds Hiro. Mohinder says sorry, and puts the needle in The Haitian's neck, and kills him.

He unlocks Hiro. Hiro asks why he let him go, and Mohinder shows him the comic. It shows Mohinder injecting and killing the Hiatian. Peter, Ando and Future Hiro come in. Hiro tells them they must go back, but Hiro says he doesn't know how to get to the right moment. Future Hiro says that he will take him, but then he is shot. Peter closes the door with his telekinesis.

Nathan gets a call saying that Peter has blocked Hiro and Ando in the room, and Nakumura will escape if he doesn't get reinforcements. Nathan flies off to the crowd's dismay. Peter gets pulled out of the room by Nathan and thrown. Nathan tells Matt to get in there and end this.

Heroes Recap for Chapter 20: 'Five Years Gone'

Nathan says 'brother versus brother,' Peter says that he isn't his brother, Nathan can't walk through walls. Nathan reveals that he is Sylar, and they get ready to fight. Great blasts of power come from both of them, as Mohinder holds the door so the swat team can't get in. Hiro says he cannot go back because he doesn't know how, but Ando says he believes in him. He gives him his sword, and Hiro teleports them back.