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It's been four months since NBC's first season of Heroes concluded with a bang (literally). Now we pick up with the premiere of season two, aptly named "Four Months Later."

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

We're dropped right back into the middle of the storyline with Mohinder Suresh giving a lecture in Cairo, Egypt. He's giving a presentation about man's next leap forward - the next stage of evolution. He cites various superhuman abilities (flight, teleportation and cell regeneration perhaps?) when we notice a man standing in the shadows at the back of his lecture.

This 'company man' (played by Stephen Tobolowsky) asks for Mohinder's autograph and mentions Shanti Suresh which sends Mohinder into a fit and forces him to realize the company is still watching him.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

You see, there's a disease (the same one that killed Mohinder's sister and nearly finished off Molly Walker) that is beginning to spread through the ranks of "specials." This company man (who has a wonderful ability I can only describe as "the Midas touch) wants Mohinder to work with them in order to find a cure.

Meanwhile, Matt Parkman has become an NYPD detective and has went through a divorce with wife Janice. He's now acting as surrogate father for Molly Walker and apparently living with Mohinder in NYC.

Nathan Petrelli is a bearded drunk who has left his wife and kids (and presumably his career) behind out of guilt for the loss of his brother, Peter.

Then there's Hiro Nakamura, who at the end of season one found himself stuck in 1671 Japan. Hiro comes to face to face with his boyhood hero Takezo Kensei (David Anders) and accidentally breaks history when he unknowingly changes the past by interfering in one of Kensei's battles.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

When the samurai armor has been removed, Hiro is shocked to learn that Kensei is just some drunken, greedy Englishmen who is about as heroic as he is Japanese. I'm guessing Hiro must spend this season trying to fix what he has broken in the past and will end up becoming Takezo Kensei himself.

Next it's off to sunny California where the Claire Bennett (or rather, Butler now - as part of a plan to hide her extraordinary self) and her family have moved. Her father Noah is still in the paper game, taking a belittling job at Copy Kingdom (a Kinko's knockoff).

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

Claire is adjusting to a new school with no friends when she meets West, a boy who has taken interest in the school's newest student. Turns out West is special too and has an ability we've already seen before - flight.

West isn't the only new character this season, and we're introduced to a couple others in this premiere. Maya and Alejandro are two twins from Mexico who are fleeing their country in an attempt to find answers to what is happening in their lives.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

It isn't completely shown, but it is apparent these twins have a deadly ability - leaving a truckload of people dead during an emotion-elevating escape.

Meanwhile, Ando and Kaito Nakamura are in NYC waiting on Hiro to return. Hiro's father finds a picture of himself with that mysterious RNA symbol etched across his face in red ink. He explains to Ando that he will be dead in 24 hours, that someone is coming to kill him.

Angela Petrelli receives a similar picture (torn from the same snapshot as Kaito's) and also comes to the realization that they are being hunted. They meet on a rooftop and give the audience a little background. This older generation of heroes consisted of apparently 12 "specials." Linderman, Mr. Petrelli and Charles Deveaux are already dead - so there's only nine left.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

It seems someone within the remaining nine is out to finish the job. A figure in a hooded sweatshirt meets Kaito on the Deveaux Building's rooftop and flings himself towards Kaito, hurtling off the roof and killing Mr. Nakamura in the process. When the clip cuts back, the other body is gone.

So it would seem we're dealing with someone who is a) like Claire or b) like Peter (remember Claude mentioning meeting another empath before?) It should be interesting to find out who is at the center of this murder mystery.

The show concludes with a head-scratcher as we are taken to Cork, Ireland. A gang of Irish thugs are attempting to steal a shipment of iPhones from a ship yard. They break into a storage container and find Peter chained inside - complete with shaved head and missing clothes. He's bruises and dirty and completely confused.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

Turns out Peter has complete amnesia - having no recollection of the events that happened in NYC. What he does have, however, is a new ability. One of the mobsters attempts to attack the chained Peter when he suddenly shoots bursts of blue electricity from his hands.

One could argue this could be an extension of Ted Sprague's powers - but this obsessive fan thinks it might be a hint that Peter has already met Kristen Bell's character (who is rumored to have electrical abilities).

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.01: Four Months Later

It's only the beginning of what looks to be another amazing season, with many twists and turns to come. Feel free to check back every week as I keep you updated with the latest Heroes news!

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