OK, so if you've been following the weekly column you'll know that I was less than satisfied with last week's episode. It seems a little of that magic from season one slipped back into season two with tonight's episode, "Kindness of Strangers."

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

We start out with the Bennet family. HRG questions Claire about the possibility of her dating, and if there is a boy - he wants to meet him. Funny thing is, he's already met West (who has a couple marks to prove it).

Back in New York, Molly Walker is having a nightmare (what else is new?). Mohinder sings a creepy (but pretty?) Indian lullaby to ease her back into sleep.

When we catch back up with Maya and Alejandro (Wonder Twins, take form of: slightly more interesting characters!) they're on the road with Derek in Claire's stolen Nissan Rogue. They come to a stop in the road - but it isn't roadwork. Nope, it's Sylar passed out on the pavement.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

Micah is trying to adjust to his new living environment in New Orleans with Nana and his cousins. Micah sees a way in to acceptance when he offers to help his cousin watch a wrestling PPV (using his crazy electronics powers).

Angela Petrelli is confessing to Matt Parkman in New York. She says she killed Kaito and gives a lengthy explanation as to why. At the same time she is thinking to Matt, "let it go." She knows the only way to find out who is trying to kill the remaining old specials is to get out of jail.

Back in California, Claire gets asked to join the cheerleading squad. Turns out she displayed the crucial ingredient of "guts" when standing up to Debbie (the bitchy captain) on her first day.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

Nathan shaved! I was just getting used to his homeless Cat Stevens look. Nathan and Matt talk about the murders and the photograph. Nathan tells Matt he knows the photograph and the two set out to find it.

Back in Mexico, Sylar explains that he was robbed and left for dead. Yeah, I'm sure that's what really happened. Maya tells Sylar that they're going to New York and shows him the book - Sylar tells them he has read the book and knows Suresh and offers to take them to him.

Monica, Micah's older cousin, is stuck working in a burger joint - struggling to make ends meet and hoping something will go right just once. While having a conversation with a co-worker, Monica carves a tomato into a rose - an image she had seen hours earlier on TV. This is our first big sign as to what her power is.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

Matt and Nathan find the photograph and begin to analyze the remaining people in it. There's Bob - Mohinder's temporary boss with the Midas touch and then... in a more shocking development. Matt Parkman's FATHER!

What!?! Craziness! Looks like the rumors were correct and this center will center around Parkman's family.

Claire sneaks out of the house and goes out on a date with West - which includes a romantic flight to the top of the HOLLYWOOD sign where he coaxes her to jump only to swoop in and save her at the last second. It's cheesy but warm and fuzzy too.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

Well, turns out Matt Parkman's Dad is "The Nightmare Man," which opens up a whole new world full of problems for our heroes. Will Matt track him down and kill him? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Back in Mexico, Sylar and the gang take a break. Derek shows Sylar a newspaper that has the twins on the cover. He then explains that they're murders. Sylar takes a brick and kills Derek and takes the keys. Looks like Sylar understands the twins' plight and is going on a road trip with them.

Back at the Bennet household - The Haitian shows up and tells HRG of a new lead in the search for Issac's remaining paintings. Looks like they'll be going to Odessa, except this time it's not Texas. It's the Ukraine. Russian heroes? I can only hope!

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindness of Strangers

Molly Walker agrees to find Matt's father for him. They pull out the atlas and track him down to Philadelphia, in an apartment building - room 9. I guarantee NBC will make a big marketing campaign out of this. Next week you'll see just what's hiding behind door number 9! Oh, I can already see the promos now.

Overall, this week's show was great - even though it didn't visit the stories of Peter and Hiro. Hopefully this is a good sign that the show is picking up speed and season two isn't lost after all.

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