There's just something about this season of Heroes that doesn't feel quite right to me. I guess it's something that all major serialized television drams encounter at some point in their duration. "Lost" ran into the same problem in their second season and it took a lot of time and effort (and griping from fans) to turn it around. I just hope it doesn't take Heroes that long to realize they might be going in the wrong direction.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

Here's the thing - the show doesn't evoke the same emotion inside me. Instead of the show being more about the characters than the special effects, it seems the tables have turned and now we're treated to needless shot after shot of super powers that don't push the story along.

This week's episode opened with Peter in Ireland, forced into pulling a job with the Irish mob that found him. He's going to distract some security guards in order to help the boys rob an armored truck filled with dirty football winnings.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

Meanwhile, Maya and Alejandro (Wonder Twins! Take form of... boring subplot!) are in Mexico trying to make it to the border. Alejandro tries to steal a car and is arrested (nice one, bro) which leads sister Maya to try to rescue him.

Then there's the return of Nikki and Micah Sanders who are going to pick up and start fresh. Apparently DL is dead - as Nikki and Micah visit his grave one last time before heading to New Orleans. I would imagine we'll find out what happened to DL in episode 08, "Four Months Ago," which fills in the gaps between last season's finale and this season's premiere.

Everyone's favorite villain Sylar makes his triumphant comeback in this episode - in Maui with illusionist Candice (only this time she's a redhead and not as pretty - bummer). Candice is going by the name of Michelle now, and she's keeping Sylar's mind in a peaceful state while he goes through the agony of healing from his wounds.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

Mohinder is setting up shop in Issac's old loft with the help of Bob. Looks like the company is going to have a New York office to keep tabs on all the new specials floating in.

When we catch back up with Hiro and Kensei, we find Kensei testing his newfound powers - slicing his wrist with his sword, only to watch the flesh grow back together. Hiro realizes that Kensei will never be a hero on his own - and so he teleports him to a temple where Kensei must fight the "90 Angry Ronin" in order to attain the "fire scroll."

West and Claire reveal each other's true identities, inciting a scene of teenage drama straight from the script of Laguna Beach (wait, that show is scripted!?) West takes Claire in his arms and flys her high into the air in a very Superman-esque moment. I wont' lie - it was kind of romantic. I mean, I'm scared of heights but still... anything to get an indestructible cheerleader alone you know?

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

So we come back to Peter and decides to do the job, complete with some sweet telekinetic truck tossing. Claudia gives him a tattoo (of their family crest, making him part of the gang) only it transforms into that mysterious RNA symbol. I mean, honestly, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!? Can someone explain how an Irish barmaid is an expert tattoo artist and yet, her tattoo completely morphs into something else? What kind of magic is this?

When we get back to Sylar, we learn he is completely powerless. He slams a coffee cup into Michelle's head and knocks her unconscious. We hear the familiar clock ticking in the background - only, nothing happens. He doesn't get her power. Did he damage her brain, or did he just forget how to attain the power from others?

Also, where the hell is Sylar anyway? They do this zoom out that shows him in an infinite tropical oasis. I mean, is he on the Lost island or something? Maybe Sylar is the smoke monster?

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

When we cut back to West and Claire we find out West has some familiar marks on his neck - come to find out he was abducted the same way Parkman and Ted Sprague were. He even mentions a man in horn-rimmed glasses...

Speaking of HRG, or favorite paper salesman receives a shock when Mohinder uncovers the eighth and final painting of Isaac's series. The painting shows a dead Mr. Bennet with a bullet through his eye - his signature glasses cracked and covered in blood.

I'm going to say this right now. Tim Kring - if you're reading this... IF YOU KILL OFF HRG I WILL STOP WATCHING YOUR SHOW.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.04: Kindred

Okay, I feel better. So anyway, we learn that Nikki is sick with the same virus as the Haitian and Molly Walker. She calls Bob (Mohinder's gold-lovin' coworker) in order to strike a deal for the cure.

Next week's episode looks to be just as puzzling and jolting as this one with some intense sense of Molly Walker carrying on about "The Nightmare Man."

Overall, a good episode. It was nice to see Isaac's loft again. It was such a central part of the first season, and it's been an element sorely missed from the show so far this season.

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