Another episode of NBC's hit series, Heroes, has come and gone. It's Monday night and here I am, dutifully slaving away on my laptop in hopes that you may read my thoughts and inform yourself about what you may have missed.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.05: Fight or Flight

This week's episode was entitled, "Fight or Flight" and opens with Molly Walker bed-ridden. Mohinder and Matt Parkman are arguing and finally a decision is made that Matt must go to Philadelphia and track down his father - or as Molly calls him, 'the nightmare man.'

Next we cut to Monica Dawson in New Orleans who is being questioned by authorities about the attempted robbery. She refuses to ID the thug for fear of being tracked down as a snitch.

In Ireland, Peter and Caitlin are making out in the pub. Caitlin probes Pete to open the box but he's afraid of what he might find - he doesnt' want to dig too deep. Caitlin suspects there has to be someone out there looking for him.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.05: Fight or Flight

Kristen Bell's character shows up on the scene and boy is she hot - like, white hot electric sparks kind of hot. Anyway, she's in Ireland questioning some dockworkers about Peter and gets a lead that he's been seen at the local pub.

Next we see Matt Parkman with Nathan, who has convinced Matt to take him to Philadelphia. There's some comedic moments with Nathan and I'm convinced he won't last past this season. With two other characters who can fly, it seems Nathan's purpose on the show is served - but who knows.

So Matt and Nathan make it Philly and break into the nightmare man's pad. Turns out he's marked for death just like Angela and Kaito. It seems that Mr. Parkman can read minds just like his son, only his power has developed into something much stronger.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.05: Fight or Flight

We get back to New Orleans and see Micah playing the piano. Monica sits down beside him and begins playing - having no prior experience. The two share a moment and Micah displays his power to her.

Turns out Mr. Bennet and the Haitian are in Russia tracking down a lead on one of Issac's remaining paintings - guess we'll be seeing Bennet's mentor here, or maybe some Russian heroes.

So back in Philly, Matt's father (who has convinced us that he's an alright guy) turns out to be the villain he really is and traps Matt and Nathan in their own mutual nightmares. It's straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street - and it's a bit too similar to Candice's illusion power to seem original.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.05: Fight or Flight

Meanwhile Micah shows Monica a copy of The 9th Wonders (Issac's old comic) which features a character named St. Joan. St. Joan is a 'muscle mimic' or a copy cat if you will. Monica and Micah set out to test her powers to see if she can truly mimic anything.

We find out that, out of desperation, Mohinder has taken Molly to Bob at the company. During a conversation super-strong Nikki/Jessica breaks loose and attacks Mohinder and then lifts Bob clean off the ground before getting tazed. Don't taze me Mo! You know what I'm saying?

We cut back to Monica and Micah as Monica jumps into a round of double-dutch and is extremely skilled at it.

Heroes Re-Cap for Episode 2.05: Fight or Flight

Back in Ireland, Peter and Caitlin go to her apartment where we learn she is a skilled painter. Peter opens the box and finds a passport, a picture of him and his brother and some other miscellaneous information. We get to see Peter paint the future here - which is always cool.

We return to Kristen Bell's character who questions Caitlin's brother Ricky about Peter and in return electrocutes him. She's a bad girl - and for killing someone her superior demands she returns home, to which she replies "yes daddy." Is she Bob's daughter? Or someone even higher up? I guess we'll find out next week.

All in all a decent episode but again, lacking the magic of season one. Everything feels too coincidental - too convenient even - to feel real. I guess that's just the way the season two blues goes.

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