Episode 2.06 is titled, "The Line," as in sometimes you've got to cross it. Sorry - bad joke, I know. Okay, so I haven't been all that pleased with this season of Heroes and tonight is really no different.

Heroes ReCap for Episode 2.06: The Line

We open the Montreal with Peter and Caitlin in Ireland mourning the death of Caitlin's brother. We learn that they are about to leave for Montreal to find out the truth behind Peter's painting and the mystery plane tickets.

Next we see Claire at cheerleading tryouts, only to learn that Debbie (the head cheerleader) is a bitch. Like a character straight out of Bring It On, she disses Claire and makes fun of her.

Monica (the girl with 'muscle memory') is doing gymnastics as part of a test for Mohinder. Bob wants Mohinder to give Monica a shot - arguably making her a lab rat.

Heroes ReCap for Episode 2.06: The Line

While in Bob's office we see a mysterious file with the name Adam Munroe on it - seems we've got a new player in the overall story arc of season two.

Next we see Mr. Bennet and The Haitian in the Ukraine where they pay a visit to a man named Ivan, who turns out to be HRG's mentor.

Back in the States, Claire and boyfriend West are devising a plan to pay Debbie back and humiliate her in front of everyone.

Heroes ReCap for Episode 2.06: The Line

After getting treated to a glimpse of Sylar and the twins making their way toward the border, we visit Hiro in Japan where they are planning to attack white beard.

Back at Bob's headquarters Mohinder refuses to give Monica the shot and throws a temper tantrum, destroying several vials of the mysterious anti-virus.

After an ingenious plot involving Claire being dropped from mid-air and crashing on the steps in front of a drunk Debbie, Debbie is busted by the cops for having a .13 blood alcohol level and is suspended from cheerleading, leaving an opening for Claire.

Heroes ReCap for Episode 2.06: The Line

Back in Japan we meet Yaeko's father, the sword maker after being rescued by Takezo Kensei. Together the group storms through White Beard's camp and escapes.

Back in the Ukraine, Mr. Bennet shows how much of a ruthless bastard he really is and kills Ivan to cover his tracks.

The show closes with Peter and Caitlin in Montreal where they discover a room filled with what might be some of Peter's belongings, along with a note that says the world is in danger... from Adam Munroe.

Heroes ReCap for Episode 2.06: The Line

OK - the show is broke to me, too many loose ends now that the creators are stretching to tie up. I can only hope it gets better from here, and to be honest, it looks like it might - with a futuristic wasteland back in the storyline and 93% of the world's population dead, it seems are heroes will have to band together to stop it.

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