Whew, where to start. The second season of Heroes is finally beginning to pick up with the emphasis being placed on our old favorite characters in this episode entitled, Out of Time.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.07: Out of Time

We start with Hiro Nakamura as a prisoner in White Beard's camp. Turns out Kensei has turned him in for half of the country and Yaeko as his princess. There's just one problem - she's in love with Hiro (and who can blame her really?).

Next we see Noah Bennett examining Issac's remaining paintings, taking photos of them with his cell phone before burning them. Meanwhile Bob is evacuating the test facility when Nathan and Matt show up to alert him of the Nightmare Man's plans to kill him.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.07: Out of Time

Peter Petrelli and Caitlin are in the future where they are detained by guys in contamination suits - this leads to them getting sprayed off and checked for infection before being put in a Children of Men-style quarantine camp. The "Shanti Virus" as it is known spread across the world on March 20th, 2007 and killed 93% of the world's population.

Back at Bob's facility the gang wants to inject the virus into Matt's father in order to rob him of his powers, then use Mohinder's blood to cure him. It sounds like a decent plan, but turns out only Matt can stop his father. Looks like Matt has all the abilities his father has - anything effecting the mind.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.07: Out of Time

Next we see the Nightmare Man working on Nikki, making her see Bob shoot DL - which in turn makes her go on a crazy anger spree and break Mohinder's nose.

We also got to learn more about Adam Munroe in this episode - more on that later. West catches sight of Claire's father and freaks out, realizing he is none other than the man with horn-rimmed glasses.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.07: Out of Time

Meanwhile back in past Japan, Hiro breaks free and has a sword fight with Kensei - believing there is still good in him, he refuses to stop time and simply kill him.

Anyway, the big news of this episode is the reveal of Adam Munroe - who is none other than... TAKEZO KENSEI. It seems those with regenerative powers are indeed immortal, and now Munroe sets out to "save the world" with the help of Peter Petrelli.

Heroes Recap for Episode 2.07: Out of Time

One can only wonder if regeneration is the extent of Kensei's powers or if he is in fact an empath like Peter - there was the whole hint of his ability to control liquid with the "Snow falls on Miami - could have been a Tsunami" scene with Bob. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

All I know is - I'm glad to see Hiro return to the present day storyline! Yatta!

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