For this edition of 'Surviving the Hiatus' I thought I'd catch you up on all the news and spoilers floating around, as well as catch you up to speed on the Heroes 360 Alternate Reality Game as well as some questions to ponder until we get back on track.

First off, Episode 20 will be titled "String Theory." This is the episode set to take place 5 years into the future. Episode 21 will is "The Hard Part" and apparently delves into 'Future Hiro' and how he transformed from the nerdy office worker we all know and love.

Writers and producers from Heroes appeared at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles, California and answered some questions from fans. I'll go over briefly some of the more interesting points:

A collection of the online Heroes comics may be coming. Expect announcements at the San Diego Comic Con International

Season 1 DVD of Heroes will be released in both HD-DVD and regular DVD. In addition, the DVD will include some exclusive scenes filmed for the DVD that will take place in moments following the season finale (a first look at season 2 perhaps?)

The 72-minute 'Tim Kring Cut' of the pilot will be included with the DVD.

An original Heroes novel titled "Saving Charlie" is in the works.

It was suggested that Niki might have a THIRD personality.

And finally, as you may have guessed, not all of our heroes will make it to season 2.

To get involved with the Heroes 360 Experience, check out the secret blog of Hana Gitelman (aka Wireless)

From here you'll be able to find all the access codes and passwords you'll need to hack into Mr. Bennet's files at the Primatech Paper site

Finally, you can check out Mohinder's website, Activating Evolution and The Corinthian Casino and Hotel (Mr. Linderman's swag palace of shadiness)

And now, some questions:

What are going to be the consequences of Jessica killing FBI agents and Niki betraying Linderman? How will D.L and Micah factor in to this?

What will become of Mr. Bennet? How else could Thomspon's sneaky assistant Candice cause trouble? It seems her power is mostly mental, creating illusions only others can see - perhaps The Haitian could inhibit this?

The future can be changed, the world can be saved. If 'the bomb' is stopped, does this mean Isaac's fate isn't quite sealed yet? Or is he doomed to be Sylar's next brain food?

Will everyone come together in NY? Have we seen the last of Claude, the invisible man? And what about Hana Gitelman - will she return to break Ted and Matt out of Primatech?

I'd love to hear your theories - drop me a line at [email protected]

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