He's Just Not That Into YouIn a week that didn't see much competition, one of this year's box office hits beat out one of last year's critical hits. According to The Hollywood Reporter, He's Just Not That Into You took the top spot on the national DVD sales charts, for the week ending June 7.

He's Just Not That Into You also was the biggest rental of the week, and only one newcomer gave the romantic comedy any competition. The only release to give the romantic comedy a run for its money was the Edward Zwick film Defiance, which came in second place in both the DVD sales and rental charts. The only other notable theatrical release of the week was Revolutionary Road, which could only muster a fifth place finish in sales and sixth in rentals.

The lack of theatrical competition paved the way for TV DVD sets to shine this week. Weeds: Season Four took third place on the DVD sales charts, even ahead of last week's winner, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which took fourth place.