Fat Albert: It appears that all of Hollywood has fallen into the realm of, "Hey, we can make money by regurgitating something that's already been done, and try to give it a hip feel while retaining the nostalgia of the original!" Not the worst idea in the world, but when they try to capitalize on staples of our youth, it tends to turn into a steaming pile of crap. (Cases in point: Josey and the Pussycats, Charlies Angels, Scooby Doo) Those clever suits deciding the collecive fates of moviegoers everywhere are at it again. This time they're adapting Fat Albert to the big screen. Wanna see who's been cast as the fat man himself? Head over to Aint It Cool News and check out this story. The guy looks great, in my opinion, but I have a hard time seeing how this one is going to work. That cartoon was peppered with richly eccentric characters such as Mushmouth, Mudfoot, and the Brown Hornet. Can they be brought to the big screen? Can a Fat Albert story work for an entire film? Do I really want to fork over more $$ to the "Exploitation of My Youth" fund?

What's next? Live action G.I. Joe meets CGI Transformers as they all battle Cobra and Mummra with a special 'surprise' appearance by the Thunder Cats? Then they're all getting their collective asses whooped by Skeletor until Prince Adam saves the day... not He-Man, because that's the lesson. In all of us there's a hero, and we don't need magic, or a special sword, to find that hero! Wait... that sounds sweet!

Back on track, Kerouac... back on track! Oh yeah, Fat Albert. Well, I won't condemn it yet, because Bill Cosby is a GOD in my eyes. Time's gonna tell with this one, but it certainly doesn't have much faith from this movie geek.

Kerouac out!