The Chicago Sun-Times recently sat down with The Ring Two director, Hideo Nakata, to talk about the possibilty of continuing the storyline in a third film.

Director Hideo Nakata, who also called the shots for the Japanese versions of the series, doesn't rule out another installment. "I wouldn't be surprised if there was another one," Nakata said. "I'd love to do 'Ring Three.' "

He also doesn't rule out going backward. "In Japan, I directed a 'Ring' prequel called 'Ring Zero.' It's about how the little girl was killed at age 8," he divulges.

In addition, MovieHole reports that actress Naomi Watts may not make it back for the sequel...

News from the forefront is that Naomi Watts mightn't be back for the inevitable "Ring 3". An insider says Watts only intended to do the one sequel, and then Dreamworks "will go off in a different direction for the second sequel". Watts, next in "The Painted Veil", was in Sydney for the premiere of the film.