Dean Cain, Anthony Michael Hall, Tracey Gold, Lea Thompson, Ernie Hudson, and Richard Roundtree star in this two part movie on Hallmark Channel. When a commercial flight is hijacked, things aren't what they appear and everyone tries to piece the situation together on the ground and in the air.

Jack Bender (Cain), a former FBI agent, is on board the airliner when it is taken over by extremists demanding the release of the leader of their cult. At the same time, two women are kidnapped from their homes in California. Their husbands are also on the aircraft, along with a United States Senator. Also among the passengers is a TV newscaster, who, during the flight, manages to cover the situation live via her PDA.

Bender's instincts take over and he realizes the hijackers are not politically motivated. There has to be another reason for their actions. The Senator and the two husbands of the kidnapped women are immediately isolated from the rest of the passengers and kept in the cargo bay. The men are executives for a global bank, leading Bender to surmise the situation is more than just a plot to get someone released from prison.

As people are killed aboard the flight, tensions rise. The terrorists also disclose they have a dirty bomb on board and if the plane is shot down, it will rain radiation on the ground. This leaves the officials on the ground with a dilemma. They cannot let the plane get close to a large metropolitan area.

Bender, along with another passenger, Brian Fields (Barry Livingston), handle the situation in the air, while on the ground the officials wrestle with the choice of shooting down the flight while it is over the Nevada desert, or taking a chance that Bender will take control of the plane.

Part One of Final Approach premiers Saturday, May 24 at 8 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.