Standard 17 Productions has released a trailer for their upcoming project High & Outside: A Baseball Noir. The production company has also announced that Geoffrey Lewis and The Jesus Lizard singer David Yow have joined the cast. Take a look at this video, and read on for more details about this Kickstarter-funded indie.

Standard 17 Productions, the team behind 2011's indie comedy Stan, is gearing up for their second feature film: High & Outside: A Baseball Noir.

Directed by Evald Johnson, the film is based on his personal experiences as the son of a Major League baseball player turned controversial manager. High & Outside: A Baseball Noir tells the story of one man's dream to play professional baseball and the desperate measures he takes to keep that dream alive.

The company has cast several of the main roles including the veteran actor Geoffrey Lewis as the pivotal father and baseball legend Len Harding. Best known for a run of films alongside Clint Eastwood in the '70s, Lewis' performances in High Plains Drifter, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and Every Which Way But Loose made Lewis a legend in his own right.

Also on board is David Yow, the notorious front man for seminal post-punk bands Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard. Yow has launched an acting career over the last few years, and is churning out stellar performances in feature films and shorts.

Anyone wishing to help fund High & Outside: A Baseball Noir should contact the company directly and/or head to the Kickstarter page.