The Good

A surprisingly reflexive film that looks at the challenges of getting older and moving on.

The Bad

Efron and Hudgens should have done a commentary track.The story in this new installment of the High School Musical franchise is that the group is breaking up. Well, mainly Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens). Aside from the fact that they are all going to new schools over the next year, things get more complicated when Gabriella has the chance to start college early. And why wouldn't she? I mean, what kid wouldn't want to blow through college and then get out into the working world in today's economy? Gabriella will probably spend between $25,000-40,000 for her degree. She will no doubt get a job that at least pays $25,000 and after taxes she will be lucky if she walks away with $16,000 of that. So it is obvious she has MAJOR decision to make? Have no fear, her and her little buddies can sing their way out of this mess, right?

As I think is quite evident, the line between drama and reality has never been more wide than it is in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Yes, movies are supposed to be entertainment, but this one borders on residing in fantasyland. Just ask our new political administration and they will tell you that no song and dance can save the economy... and it certainly doesn't help this film.


Deleted Scenes

Director Kenny Ortega introduces these scenes which I am sure the fans are going to love. They have been compressed nicely, they look good, but since this release is an extended cut I couldn't help wondering why they weren't in the movie? If you are a fan of this franchise you should check these out. Otherwise, you can pass.

Night of Nights

High School Musical 3 Bloopers

As this is a blooper reel there is a great deal of laughs had when the actors blow their lines. Nothing much is really offered here except that the fans get to see the cast in some candid moments.


Cast Goodbyes

Called an "emotional farewell" on the DVD box, I couldn't help but wonder just how much of what I was watching was a put on for the cameras. It seems like these guys have really bonded over the course of making this film, but this thing has more syrup and cheese than Coca-Cola and Velveeta combined. Also, isn't Ashley Tisdale like 50?


This movie can be watched in Full Frame and Widescreen. The compression looked good although for some reason I thought that it was a bit dark. These Disney movies have a dyspeptic look about them that almost makes them look too clean. Also, what were the set decorators thinking? The characters sometimes bemoan the fact that they have no money, yet it's apparent that they live in houses that cost well over one million clams.


Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound - English. Since this is a musical release it makes sense that they would pay close attention to the audio. The kids on the street are rabid for these songs so there's something to be said for being able to blow out the jams on a good system. I didn't watch this release on my Blu-ray player (I didn't want to punish it), but on my one speaker TV things sounded pretty good.


Dressed in red graduation outfits the cast of High School Musical 3 is all smiles on this energy filled front cover. The back gives us more images from the movie, a description of what the show is about, a cast list, Special Features and technical specs. Fans of this movie will no doubt be texting about this cover the minute they get it in their grubby, little hands.

Final Word

High School Music 3: Senior Year aka The Zac Efron show gives us one last look at the Wildcats before they move on to college. While some will no doubt experiment with drugs, engage in premarital relations, join leftist/right wing/commie organizations that hate America... it is hard not to have a bit of nostalgia about this franchise. After all it did start on Disney's TV station, it moved to DVD, and the response was so rabid that the suits at Disney called upon the cast to reunite for 2 more outings. That High School Musical 3 went right to the theaters is no small feat, especially in today's comic book friendly marketplace.

So despite this movie really having no redeeming social value whatsoever, fans of High School Musical 3: Senior Year find this 2 disc set the one to own.