The long awaited Highlander: Season One Blu-ray collection has finally been given an official release date of September 15th. The first set in this long-running syndicated series was originally supposed to hit store shelves on February 15th of this year, but that date got pushed back. The collection comes with over 220 minutes of bonus features, and should definitely be worth the wait for fans.

This special box set contains all 22 episodes from the first season of Highlander: the series on Blu-ray, giving you the finest quality available. Spectacular special features in that amazing Blu-ray clarity give you even more Highlander to love.

Special Features:

  • MacLeod Memories: Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul reminisce
  • - Video interviews for each episode
  • - Bloopers
  • - Swordmaster: Bob Anderson perspective
  • - Original series promo/behind-the-scenes
  • - 400 Years: Journey of Duncan MacLeod
  • - Immortal Memories (Favorite Beheadings)
  • - Marto
  • - Highlander in Paris
  • - BD-Live for your smartphone:
  • Interviews with Bill Panzer for each show
  • Season one photo album
  • Wallpapers
  • Rock'n'Roll Lounge
  • Star Bios