After the success of the recent drama Seal Team 6: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, which is now available on Netflix, producer Harvey Weinstein is moving forward on his documentary Hindsight, about the 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign and it's candidate Mitt Romney. Working once again with Seal Team 6 director John Stockwell, Harvey considers this expose a 'comedy', and as is evident in this first teaser trailer, they are going the George W. Bush route in the way the are presenting Mitt Romney as a blathering, fidgety buffoon. Of course, this is being released on Election Day. Its still early, the polls won't close for a while. Take a look at this documentary trailer, and see if it sways you one way or the other. Bradley Cooper provides the narration, because who better to get our political information from than a forty-year-old manchild who acts like he's still pledging a frat.