On TV Guide's "Ask Ausiello" section of their website, Michael Ausiello reveals that Hiro on NBC's Heroes will be fighting a dinosaur:

Question: I have to ask: If you could have a power like one of the Heroes, what would yours be?

Ausiello: I'd want to read minds like Greg Grunberg does, that way I'd know if Masi Oka was pulling my leg when he told me last week that we "will see Hiro fighting a T-Rex" - hence the painting in the fall finale. "Don't forget," he added, "I [have a part-time job at] Industrial Light and Magic. You never know when I'll whip out a CGI dinosaur." Come tomorrow, Masi may be whipping out a Golden Globe nomination. (Talk about an awesome segue.) Does the possibility of a nod give him goose bumps? "To be honest, it does a little bit. You never know what's going to happen. We're just so happy the show is on the air. If we can get some accolades, I think that would be a great boost for NBC and the show."

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