As the fall television season heats up, more and more casting news keeps getting release. The latest cast addition to fan favorite Lost is popular Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada. According to The Ausiello Files, it is not known who Sanada will be playing on the show, but the role will be quite significant, and he will be appearing on more than one episode.

In consulting Doc Jensen, this is what was said about the character, ""My prediction is that he will play a mystical mystery man who serves as John Locke's Obi-Wan-meets-Mr. Miyagi in the post-Jughead rebooted Lost timeline. Attuned to The Island's magic - perhaps an embodiment of The Island itself - Hiroyuki's character will help the amnesiac Locke rediscover his destiny to become The Island knight/protector and guide him back, even as dark forces conspire to stop Locke and the rest of the castaways from going back."

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Lost returns to ABC in 2010.