What would happen to the world if all human beings disappeared? History has today launched its first iPhone and iPod Touch application, the Life After People Photo Ager, which helps answer that question. The free application - available for download at Apple's iTunes store - allows users to "age" images which can be saved or shared with friends.

History's new weekly television program Life After People: The Series premiered last night and airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT. In ten one-hour episodes, the original series will use history's lens to provide clues to what would happen if humans vanished from the earth, including what remnants of the industrialized world would survive, what would crumble fastest and more.

"As a two-hour special, Life After People was the top show on cable when it premiered, connecting with our viewers and setting a record rating for History, and we are excited about building on that success with Life After People: The Series," said Nancy Dubuc, Executive Vice President and General Manager of History. "This iPhone application is a great way for existing fans to connect and interact with the program, as well as an engaging tool that we can use to promote the show and attract new viewers."

The Life After People Photo Ager is simple to use. Photos can be imported from the user's own photo library, or users can take their own photos to "age." Also part of the application is a "Location Explorer" that lets users page through a unique photo gallery of famous locations - all accompanied by historical descriptions - and then slide a finger along a scroll bar to visually progress its aging process in order to see what it would look like after people. Customizable postcards allow users to share an aged photo, along with a personalized message, with friends. Each postcard contains a link to the iTunes application store, so recipients can download their own copy of the application, as well as show tune-in information and a link to the Life After People minisite at History.com. Visitors to the minisite can find interactive timelines and quizzes (following the airing of each episode), short-form videos and more information about the show.

"The iPhone app store provides another place where viewers and consumers of our content can connect with our brands in new, more immersive ways, whether through gaming, interactivity or a deeper exploration of our programming genres," said Steve Ronson, Executive Vice President, Enterprises, for A&E Television Networks (AETN).

"AETN has already seen great success with A&E Network's Paranormal State application, and we plan to roll out a number of new applications in the near future."

A&E's Paranormal State EMF Reader launched in January, in conjunction

with the season premiere of A&E Network series Paranormal State. Like

the EMF Reader, the Life After People application was developed by Moderati (Moderati.com), a Bellrock Media Inc. Company.

Life After People: The Series is produced by Flight 33 Productions for History. The executive producer for History is Paul Cabana.