Game Daily has posted an interview with film producer Adrian Askarieh about his slate of films based on video games such as a sequel to the 2007 film which he produced, Hitman, Kane & Lynch and Just Cause.

As far as Kane & Lynch go, the producer confirmed the news from this summer that Bruce Willis would play Kane and revealed they are currently seeking their Lynch.

Kane & Lynch will start filming in March of 2010. Bruce Willis will star as Kane, and we're about to start casting Lynch. Lionsgate is the distributor, Millennium is financing and the movie, after two and a half years of false starts, is finally going into production.

Askarieh revealed that Kyle Ward has been hired to write the sequel to Hitman, but it wasn't quite clear if they'd get Timothy Olyphant back, due to his new FX TV series Lawman.

When it comes to Hitman 2, Tim Olyphant is working on a new TV show, so are you going to get a new Hitman in terms of the actor?

We haven't discussed that. We and the studio are all waiting for the script to come in to make some very big decisions, but we'd love to have Tim if he wants to do the movie. We'd love to have him back.

Because he has to shave his head for this role, that impacts things that he does after you wrap Hitman 2, correct?

I agree. That's a big factor for him because he's got a TV show, and it's just a matter of the timing. We'd love to have him back if he wants to do it, but we haven't gotten to that point. We'll probably do Hitman sometime middle of next year, but right now we're just waiting for the script to come in.

The film that Askarieh is currently working on, Just Cause, is being financed independently, on the heels of the video game sequel to be released next year.

I'm doing Just Cause right now, which I'm doing independently. I think Just Cause is going to blow up as a franchise this February with Just Cause 2. It became the de-facto hit of E3, so the reason I went after it and I got it is because I saw a movie in it, not because it was going to be a hot video game. That helps. Don't get me wrong. We live in an era of brands and easily marketable ideas and high-concept materials such as comic books and video games. But Just Cause is a great action-adventure spy movie, which is a totally different motif than Hitman. Hitman is a great assassin movie, Kane & Lynch is a great buddy action movie. So all these are first-and-foremost good movie ideas, then video games.

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