Dwayne Johnson once published his own WWE recipe for Smaceroni Salad, so you know he has a pretty good sense of humor. Over the past week, he's been sharing quite a bit from his latest movie Hobbs & Shaw, which culminated in a big game Super Bowl spot. This latest Fast & Furious adventure takes the action to the next level, and many fans were flabbergasted to learn that it's also introducing super powers into the franchise. Some came at the movie hard. But The Rock has a good sense of humor about it all.

Case in point, James Jefferson J has posted a new video that goes for the jugular in taking down Hobbs and Shaw. And it's absolutely hilarious. Though the clip is making straight fun of The Rock and Jason Statham, and all the business they get up to in this spin-off, Dwayne Johnson still found it funny. In fact, he enjoyed the burn so much, he's now sharing it with his fans all over the world.

James Jefferson J goes after The Rock and Jason Statham for their crazy driving skills, wondering who'd ever insure their 'dumb asses'. He also goes after Idris Elba's new super villain Brixton, who proves to be bullet proof. The best part of the video comes when James explains how badly Idris Elba has messed up, by jumping out the window with a white woman, 'They killed King Kong over some S*** like this. You can't be jumping out the window with no damn white girls.' He then goes onto correctly predict that The Rock is going to jump out that window and go after him, wondering how Dwayne Johnson is able to pull off these stunts, when Jefferson J cant even tie his shoe without falling over. Dwayne Johnson took it all in stride, offering this back in JJJ's direction.

"Luv my guy @jamesjeffersonj's roasts. He's a great follow! I'm gonna beat that ass with HIS Fallopian tubes if he keeps talkin' shit. The #HobbsandShaw movie looks dope! All type of crazy sh*t going on..."

James better watch it, he might find himself in a headlock, getting served some of that Smaceroni Salad. Jefferson J isn't the only person who has taken issue with the Hobbs and Shaw movie. Tyrese was the first to go after The Rock, claiming that this spin-off was directly pulling food out of his baby's mouth. Then, when the trailer dropped last week, fans couldn't believe how over the top it was going. Where will Fast and Furious 9 go after this? Space, possibly, an idea that hasn't been ruled out yet.

Hobbs and Shaw crashed the Super Bowl yesterday with a new TV spot, but it was mostly made from the trailer footage, with some of the more inappropriate moments finding their way to the cutting room floor. Dwayne Johnson is moving onto shoot Jumanji 2 here in the next couple of weeks. But he'll probably keep sharing a few exciting morsels from Hobbs and Shaw before it hits theaters this summer. It looks like The Rock is keeping this one fun.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange