The Good

This show's wit was highly ahead of it's time.

The Bad

No Extras came with this set.

Hogan's Heroes: The Complete Fifth Season sees the boys in Stalag 13 at their sidesplitting best. Col. Robert E. Hogan (Bob Crane) is always trying to get something over on Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer) and Sergeant Hans Schultz (John Banner). With a little help from friends like Cpl. Louis LeBeau (Robert Clary), Cpl. Peter Newkirk (Richard Dawson), and others, we are going to experience Hogan's own comedic contribution to the War Effort. Amongst this packed four disc, 26 episode set we have such comedic episodes as "Hogan Goes Hollywood," where Hogan uses a German propaganda film to put across an American Agenda, "The Empty Parachute," which sees Hogan and company try and convince the Germans that an Allied agent is on the premises, and "The Merry Widow," sees Hogan playing matchmaker all in the name of transporting secret documents.

Brimming with laughter, jovial humor, and a wink and a nod, Hogan's Heroes: The Complete Fifth Season should make fans of this show very excited about this release.


No Extras came with this 4 disc DVD set.


Full Screen Format. These shows looked really good in their digitally remastered form. The colors fill up the screen in such a way that it always seems like something was going on. I think the compression has strengthened the image quality, because everything about the presentation of these discs looks really sharp. In fact, so distinct are all the colors that it almost seems like each 30 minute episode is a small, one act play.


Dolby Digital - English Mono. The audio for this show is both simply done and simply put together. While I think some people may find it too clean (for whatever reason), I was a really big fan of being able to catch all the quips and asides that were to be heard. The writing on this show is so quick and understated, it's nice to see that this 4 disc set was given the proper treatment for this Fifth Season release.


Hogan, Klink, Schultz, and the rest of the boys are all present and accounted for on this colorful front cover. The back gives us what seems like touched up pictures from various episodes (as well as a promo shot of the group), a small system specs listing, and a description of what this show is about. All four discs are stored in two slim cases, all of which have the same front cover as the one previously described. On the back are a couple of pictures from the episodes, as well as listings and descriptions of what the episodes are about and where they are in regards to each disc.

Final Word

What I really liked about Hogan's Heroes is how accessible the humor is. While I think some people might think that it's simple, and even in today's world perhaps a little un-politically correct, I would argue that it's ability to laugh at something like being a POW in World War II is necessary. This was one of those wars that was popular in the sense that a lot of people got behind it. It was for a cause that people would agree with: to stop the spread of Facism. When you have a show like this that isn't afraid to poke fun at both sides, it seems that you get something that illuminates aspects of humanity a lot better than something that may not be as easy to grasp (ie. a book written by some stodgy college professor).

The laughs are very easy to come by but make no mistake about it, Hogan's Heroes: The Complete Fifth Season is serious business.

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