While Live Free or Die Hard was the big individual winner over the holiday week, the industry as a whole was a winner as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, overall DVD sales were up 6% from last year's holiday weekend, and up an astounding 175% from last week. What's even more impressive about those numbers is they do not include any data from Wal-Mart, which normally captures about 40% of the DVD market alone.

The cause for the gains were evident in a few different areas. While the bargain-pricing for recently-released blockbusters like 300 and others had a positive effect, the week's new releases sold stronger than initially projected. According to Steve Feldstein, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's senior vp corporate and marketing communications, last week's top seller Live Free or Die Hard outsold most forecasts by 20%.

"The entire category was up significantly over last year, with growth of 15% and more, in many cases on Black Friday alone," Feldstein said.

Other newcomers last week posted strong numbers as well, with a few animated holdovers selling well also. Hairspray and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause were among the top 5 in sales, with animated hits Shrek the Third and Ratatouille among the top 5 as well.

Even with the high volume of DVD sales, the rental industry didn't slow down a bit. Rental revenue totalled $176 million, a gain of 7.6% from the previous week.