FEARnet, cable television's premiere horror, thriller and suspense channel, has given a series order to Holliston, an outrageous and offbeat multi-camera, half-hour buddy comedy series starring directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Hatchet II, Frozen) and Joe Lynch ("Knights of Badassdom," Wrong Turn 2.) Created by Green, the sitcom is scheduled to start production later this year and will be the network's first original production.

The show, set in the town of Holliston, MA, follows the lives of Adam and Joe, two friends chasing the dream of becoming successful horror movie filmmakers while struggling to make ends meet and dealing with life and the opposite sex in their post-college jobs at a Boston cable access station where they also host a late night movie program called "The Movie Crypt."

"This show has just the right amount of wrong, and you really can't imagine it ever making it on to TV. That's where FEARnet comes in," said Peter Block, president, FEARnet. "Adam came to us with a truly off-the-wall series that was overflowing with a supporting cast of misfits and I-don't-know-whats, and we knew it was a perfect fit for our 'Twisted Comedy' block," which currently features Todd & The Book of Pure Evil and Psychoville."

Though both accomplished genre filmmakers in real life, Green and Lynch are set to portray lesser versions of themselves as Holliston aims to capture the time of life when the struggle to "make it" is really just beginning and nothing is working out like you hoped it would. They are joined in the ensemble cast by Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes, Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who) and Corri English (Unrest, The Bedford Diaries lead singer of Brokedown Cadillac).

Tapping into their real-life genre entertainment relationships, Lynch and Green have promised FEARnet a string of exciting cameos that will bring added buzz and realism to the initial six-episode series order.

"This is a show built on the memories and real-life experiences of our post-college days, wrapped in a shroud of wrongness, packed full of movie quotes and genre references, and topped off with plenty of jokes at the expense of our real-life friends and industry associates," said Green. "No other network would have the guts to make this show; we're pushing the boundaries of television. I mean, what other sitcom on television includes exploding heads and an imaginary alien friend who lives in the closet? We plan to really turn the traditional American sitcom on its head. It's the first horror sitcom. A hor-icom!"

Created, written, and directed by Green, his production company ArieScope Pictures will handle the production of the Holliston. Green and Lynch will serve as executive producers along with producer Cory Neal (Frozen and Hatchet).

Holliston is intended to take a slot on FEARnet's Tuesday night "Twisted Comedy" block, a horror-comedy lineup that launched earlier this month with a distinctive pair of scripted series: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, a supernatural high-school comedy featuring Jason Mewes (Mallrats, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), and Psychoville, an award-winning, British black-comedy thriller that centers on a group of characters haunted by a mysterious blackmailer.

Green is represented by Helena Heyman at Industry Entertainment. Lynch is represented by Luke Rivett at Anonymous Content.