The Good

The picture quality of this movie is terrific. The images on the screen look as if they are in 3D.

The Bad

Kevin Bacon, one of America's best actors, is pretty bad in this movie.

Hollow Man had so much potential. I really thought that Kevin Bacon playing a scientist who becomes invisible could really be done well. He is such a strong actor and Paul Verhoeven is no slouch in the psychological thriller department, so how did they go so wrong here? I hate to say it but I think much of the blame falls in Mr. Bacon's lap. I think he goes too over the top in this role. I didn't think there was a growth process with his character that I, as a viewer, was able to connect with. He just starts off bad and then gets worse.

As bad as I may think this movie is, it's saving grace is very well done special FX. I don't know if there has ever been a move that has utilized the "invisible man" motif as well as Hollow Man. Too bad this movie wasn't able to move past how good it looked visually with the overall unevenness of the story.


No Extras came with this UMD.


Widescreen. This movie looks like it's in 3D, it is that clear and sharp. In fact, it was while I was screening this UMD that I had a breakthrough of sorts. I realized that movies where there isn't as much action actually look better on the PSP. Not that action sequences look bad, but there is something about when things aren't so busy on the screen that really works well in this format. There are black bars at the top and bottom of this movie's picture, but in no way did I think this took away from my viewing experience. I don't think I have screened a UMD that looked as clean as Hollow Man. I also found it very interesting that a dialogue driven or slower paced movie, might play better on this unit than a film that is completely action packed.


2.0 Dolby Digital. Interestingly, I didn't really notice the sound too much on this UMD. Sure it was there and it definitely underscored the action on the screen, but nothing about what I was hearing really stood out and grabbed me. In fact, thinking back to when I watched this movie in the theater, I don't recall anything about that experience that really caught my attention in the audio department.


This cover looks cheap. Maybe because there are big stars in this movie, or I know that there is some money behind it, but this cover looks like a movie that would open on the Sci Fi Channel. It features Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue prominently, with some of the FX from the film between them. The back cover continues this motif and doesn't really stand out in any way. All this said, don't let the cover fool you. If you want a movie for your player just to see the potential of how great the images look then you've got to screen Hollow Man.

Final Word

Speaking of actors not living up to their potential... Josh Brolin, you have proven yourself to be a good solid actor. You can certainly be a leading man. Why is it that you have never made the leap from B+ Actor to A Actor? It may be just my opinion, but even an overacting Kevin Bacon wipes the floor with you in this movie? And Elizabeth Shue... this is how you follow up your Leaving Las Vegas triumph? I know that that film was years ago but what have you done since that movie?

If you want a film that has a good premise but just can't or won't follow through then Hollow Man is for you. As a purely visual experience, however, this movie really delivers.

Hollow Man was released August 4, 2000.