Hey everybody, Brian here with a few new updates...

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Lights Out has made some new friends. We've partnered up with Hollywood.com to bring you, our viewers, the ability to look up Showtimes and Buy Tickets right here from Lights Out! Now, not only do we bring you more Hollywood trailers then you can shake a stick at, but now you are able to get Showtimes and Buy Tickets for these flicks! All because we love you your dumb ass. So click on over to the Hollywood Trailers section and try out our new service! There are 7 new trailers up there as well!

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A.I. is coming to theaters this Friday! Kubrick, Speilberg...I have a good feeling about this movie. Check out iFILM's A.I. web guide! Talk about this film in our forums!

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iFILM has some really rare footage of Tobey Maguire in latex climbing up a wall. I think I just got excited. Check out this rare Spiderman footage!

In Lights Out news, the first episode of Death's End is almost complete. Some sound editing, some titling, some music...it's coming. You should be seeing this thing in the next few weeks. In the meantime get a feeling for the series that is trapped in a zombie apocalypse with...the Overture.

In other Death's End news, we will be shooting Episode 2 in about 1 month. If you would like to devour our stars as a flesh eating zombie then javascript:void(0|click here! We need all the zombies we can get!

Stay tuned...~Brian

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