Movie Picture A smiling Joan Collins at after soiree at Colors on Bedford{0} might have taken a page out of her book, Art of Living Well, Looking Good, and Feeling Great, at the opening night of Legends. She didn't feel very well (battling a flu bug), but she did look great, despite a zipper malfunction on the back of her dress, which exposed her lingerie on stage. (Well, at least she was wearing underwear)! {1}, her nemesis in Dynasty, and co-star, tried in vain to zip her up. But nothing stopped this trooper from going on with the show to the delight of the star-studded audience.
Movie Picture Designer Nolan Miller (Dynasty & Legends)Among other Legends who attended the after soirée at Colors on Bedford, were {2} and {3} (sporting a silver moustache for his role in Hustle), R.J's former co-star (Hart to Hart), {4} and a wheel chair bound {5} (Poltergeist). Congratulating Joan for her super human efforts were her hubby of five years, {6}, who is one of the Producers of the show, Designer {7}, and her authoress sister, {8}, who just completed her 25th novel, Drop Dead Beautiful, which will be released in April. No doubt her sexy sibling could play this part with her eyes closed.
Movie Picture Producer Percy Gibson (Joan Collin's handsome hubby)While on a book browse, we were invited to celebrate publication of High Rise, Low Down by {9} and {10}, at the Peninsula Hotel. This tome is the ultimate insiders tour of New York City's most sought after address, which houses some of the world's most famous and powerful people. The authors reveal the secrets of the astonishing mix of characters under one luxurious roof, from Chinese bankers to cosmetic queens from Utah. Some of the celebrated guests who feasted on the delicious hors d'oeuvres, included actress {11}, and {12} and {13}.
Movie Picture Tracey Edmonds - current lady love of Eddie Murphy at Producers CaucusAnd speaking of Legends, you don't usually see 96 year old {14} these days, but he was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, tinkling at the piano, at the recent Caucus for TV Producers, Writers and Directors, which brought out the biggest powers, including {15}, who flew in from Washington. {16}, who is retiring from the American Film Institute after three decades, was honored by such luminaries as {17}. The star and producer of the hit series 24, picked up his own award, then presented one to the show's writer, {18}. Others included stunning {19}, and her current squeeze, {20}, who just won a Golden Globe, and probably will win an Oscar for {21}.
Movie Picture Vin Di Bona, Lee Miller, Keifer Sutherland (24) and Chuck Fries at Producers CaucusSave Feb. 8th for From the Heart, a tribute to {22}, renowned songwriter, producer and musician. Artists he has worked with include {23}, and {24}. He was a versatile and key figure to music greats. This tribute will be held at the Biltmore Hotel during Grammy Week, and will feature live performances by some of the most celebrated VIPs in the music biz. For further info, please contact {25} at 310-358-8300 to celebrate the life of an icon on the Hollywood Beat.
Movie Picture Poster for Legends with Joan Collins & Linda EvansSAVE THE DATE: On Saturday evening, February 17th, at the historic Paramount Studios, American Idol's {26} will join {27} to host an extraordinary evening of music and entertainment at IDA's first-ever star-studded Benefit Concert. This special event will help the animals affected by Hurricane Katrina, who are still alone, scared and hungry, wandering the abandoned streets searching for food, water and shelter. This event will also launch IDAs Disaster Relief Fund to help animals in future disasters and help fund other IDA rescue operations throughout the world. This highly-anticipated event will provide an enjoyable and memorable evening for you--complete with stellar performances, specialty stations featuring cocktails, tantalizing gourmet vegan cuisine, and delectable desserts created by celebrity chefs and restaurants, dancing and the satisfaction of giving to a noble cause.

Tickets start at $275 and can be purchased by calling (415) 388-9641 or visiting

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and resulted in a massive loss of life, both human and animal. IDA-Project Hope was one of the first groups on the ground when Katrina hit the Gulf region in August 2005. Over the months, Project Hope provided shelter for homeless animals at their sanctuary in Mississippi, coordinated food and water drops for strays still wandering the barren streets of New Orleans, and continues today to transport surviving dogs and cats from devastated areas to shelters and new homes in other parts of the country. Its been well over a year now since Katrina struck, yet IDA's Project Hope remains one of the few groups in the Gulf region still helping Katrina's animal victims.

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