at book signing soireeTalk about provocative book titles! Jennifer Lehr’s new book, Ill Equipped For A Life of Sex, debuted recently at the gorgeous showrooms of Phyllis Morris in West Hollywood. Jamie Adler, daughter of the late Phyllis Morris, “furniture designer to the stars” created an international shopping destination for both the interior design trade and consumers alike.

The book launch was hosted by Jennifer’s pal, Bianca Jagger, and the menu featured fine wines and chocolates by K Chocolatier (the exclusive candy maker in Beverly Hills). The reading was hilarious, filled with explicit sex talk and comments from Jenn’s hubby, John, who defended his position as a stud. Even blasé guests like Alana Hamilton were shocked by the author’s erotic memoirs; and Bianca told the crowd, “I wished I had read this book when I first married Mick”

("Celebrity Ex")And while on the subject of sexy ladies, Pietra Dawn Thornton, former wife of Billy Bob Thornton, is producing and writing a unique TV reality show called Celebrity Ex. This show illustrates what happens when you are no longer on the arm of a well known man (or woman), and some of the other exes include the former wives of Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, George Hamilton and Richard Dreyfuss. Even Paula Abdul, who was married for several years to Emilio Estevez promises to tell all.

Pietra was interviewed recently by E! Entertainment TV for a True Hollywood Story about Angelina Jolie (another Billy Bob’s ex). Kind hearted Pietra only had nice things to say about the current amore of Brad Pitt. We note they do have a few things in common, including the most luscious lips in town. The interview was constantly being interrupted by the antics of her two young sons, Harry & William and her five barking bulldogs, not to mention the helicopters overhead trying to obtain shots of the beach front estate of her next door neighbor, Mel Gibson.

Pietra has been selected as the new model for the T Shirt Line Paparazzi Chic. They feature a line of T shirts which are perfect for all the sexy ladies mentioned above – such as “Stop Stalking Me”, “Absolutely No Photos Please” or “Call My Agent”. I’d like one that states, “Be Kind To Your Celebrity Reporter”.

& Maria in a romantic moodThe other evening we ran into Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dining at Diaghilev Restaurant in the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. He was a guest at a Birthday party thrown by Gold’s Gym founder, Joe Wieder for his wife, Betty. After a bevy of hotel security personnel and personal bodyguards escorted the Governor into the Franco/Russian eatery, the party got into full swing. Arnold told Diaghilev’s new Maitre d’ Mario Augusto Roque, “I consider Joe and Betty Wieder my parents in America.”

If you want the opportunity to sample “A Taste of Diaghilev” we suggest you visit there on Tuesdays, between 6:30 – 10:30 PM. The Tasting Menu includes such specialties as traditional Russian Borscht, Fillet of Baltic Salmon, Chicken Kiev (my favorite) and Filet dePouef “Poele” for only $45 per person, plus tax and gratuities.

You can schmooze with such celebs as Tyne Daly, Patricia Arquette, David Arquette and Bobbie Brown, who adores their wide array of rare vodkas. We recommend Diahilev as the most elegant and romantic restaurant on the Hollywood Beat.