Doggies not Bunnies were the honored guests at the Playboy Mansion, when Much Love and presented their annual Bow Wow Wow fundraiser. Among the pet friendly celebs were Haylie and Hillary Duff, Grey's Anatomy star, Sara Ramirez, William Peterson (CSI), and an assortment of Playmates including Christine Smith who is fostering a litter of kittens for the cause. Even Hef's favorite squeeze Holly Madison (The Girls Next Door), got into the act, posing prettily here with one of the pampered pets. One of the lucky doggies even found a home with Miss August. Who said it was a Dog's Life?

Movie Picture Haylie & Hillary Duff at Bow Wow Wow The highest winning bid at the live auction was for the {6} (Dog Whisperer) private training, which went for $12,000 The excitement was so great that Cesar generously offered 3 sessions, and raised $36,000 for animal rescue. {7}, CEO of Pets United, announced that over $250,000 was raised at this event, and commented Involvement in this cause will save the lives of our canine friends.
Movie Picture Holly Madison (Girls Next Door) with pampered pooch While in an animal friendly mood - the friendliest of all animals, the Dolphin will dive into theatres across the country on August 24th, when Eye of the Dolphin is released across the country. This film, starring {8} (Gracie), {9} (Richard III) and {10} (Donnie Darko) tells the story of a troubled 14 year old, who discovers the magical gift she shares with her father for communicating with the dolphins. This inspirational film illustrates how this disturbed teenager found her voice in the ocean, and within herself.
Movie Picture Clifton James performing If you happen to be in Vegas on August 22nd, you are invited to attend an upcoming talent concert Judged at the Empire Ballroom. One of our favorite artists, {11} is performing some of his original music, and will take you on a musical journey through the decades with everything from R&B, country, reggae and Motown.

Judged is the first of its kind to showcase original artists with original music before a vast audience, and allows them to build an immediate fan base. People are hungry for new music, and twelve exceptionally talented artists will perform on the Judged stage. For further info, please contact [email protected]

And while on a musical tangent, Mitzi Gaynor (who starred as Nellie Forbush in the film of South Pacific) is seen posing here with Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, whose appearance as Emile at the Hollywood Bowl was a sellout. These two musical stars really can sing for their supper. Mitchell is President of the Actors Fund, which is celebrating 125 years of caring for those in need in the entertainment industry, and Mitzi is President of the Professional Dancers Society, which supports dancers in need.

Movie Picture Brian Stokes Mitchell and Mitzi Gaynor (South Pacific) Some of the many celebs who attended an elegant party at the Beverly Hills home of {14}, included {15} and {16} and {17}. Kudos to all those who support the Actors Fund - a most worthy cause on the Hollywood Beat.
Movie Picture William Peterson (CSI) with lovely wife, Gina Cirone