for Celebrity AuctionThe elegant roof of Raffles L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills was the site for celebs to auction “The Clothes Off Our Back” to benefit the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) who along with her husband, Bradley Whitford (West Wing) founded the event 4 years ago, invited a slew of Emmy Award Nominees to create personal T-shirts for the online auction which will benefit the victims of our horrendous hurricanes.

TV Show 24 stars Kim Raver and Roger Cross teamed up to create a T-shirt “You don’t know Jack like we do”; and Lost’s Terry O’Quinn created an eyeball, and wrote “Don’t’ Smoke, I’m Watching You”. Other guests included Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), and Rescue Me’s Denis Leary, whose shirt proclaimed “Fire Fighters R Hot”.

for "Clothes Off Our Back"We were pleased to attend the world premiere of the docu-drama Day of Miracles at Universal Studios, which tells the story about the True Life Survivors at the Twin Towers on September 11th. This film has received numerous film festival awards and was telecast to billions world wide. Re-enactments of the events are portrayed by some Hollywood notables included T.J. Myers (Intolerable Cruelty) and Brenda Epperson (The Young And The Restless). But the real stars of this film are the true life survivors like Sujo John, who was in Tower One when the first plane crashed just above his head. He was able to lead a group of people down the staircase, while the exterior of the building was collapsing.

Producer Leslie McRay said, “We did not want to show the horrors of the event, but how God intervened under the most terrible conditions.” This film honors those survivors and displayed the power of prayer. Day of Miracles, demonstrates that the 9/11 attack did not defeat the American spirit, but actually resulted in a revival of faith and amazing spiritual patriotism.

Marilyn Mc Coo & Susan Stafford

at premiere of "Day of Miracles"We were pleased to run into Producer/Director Mardi Rustam, publisher of Entertainment Today and the Tolucan Times, who is one of the Executive Producers of this inspirational film. Among the other celebs in the audience was Dr. Susan Stafford (the original hostess of Wheel of Fortune). Susan, who left her lucrative position as Emmy nominated hostess of the game show to work with Mother Teresa, is receiving a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame on October 15th. She will be joined by such pals as Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. (Fifth Dimension), Impressionist Fred Travelena, Merv Griffin, Rosey Grier and Dick Van Patten. You can be certain I’ll be standing right next to this extraordinary woman who has ministered at the bedsides of countless cancer patients, including her dear friend Rock Hudson when he was afflicted with Aids.

If you are in the desert, and interested in attending, please call 310-358-9848. Celebrate a woman whose spiritual beauty outshines her glamorous exterior on the Hollywood Beat.