One thing you must give Donald Trump credit for is that he bred great kids. His gorgeous daughter Ivanka is a successful supermodel and corporate executive, and his son, Donald Trump, Jr., represents the best of today's young businessmen. His inherent business sense and superb education have helped in his position as Executive V.P. of Development for the Trump Organization, and he is a regular on his father's hit TV show, The Apprentice. But most importantly, he has inherited his parent's humanitarian genes, and is a founding member of Operation Smile - a leading medical service organization dedicated to help improve the lives of children worldwide.

Movie PictureDonald Trump Jr. & wife Vanessa receiving Lladro AwardTrump Jr. was honored, along with his actress/model mate, {3}, at their 5th Annual Gala at the Regent Beverly Wilsire Hotel. {4} (Access Hollywood) emceed the evening, along with {5} (Touched By An Angel,) and her husband, reality show king, {6}. Entertainment was provided by multi-Grammy Award winner {7}, and {8} Dance Academy. A donation of $150,000 was made by {9} of the renowned Spanish House of Porcelain of the same name.
Movie PictureDr. William Magee, Roma Downey and mate, Mark Burnett at Operation Smile Also lauded was LA Clippers star {10}, who received his award from boxing great {11}. We met all these guys in Las Vegas last year at the final boxing bout of the hit TV show, The Contender, including Dreamworks producer {12}, who was there with his lovely wife, {13}. Nice to see that people of this caliber support a charity which provides free reconstructive surgery to more than 100,000 children with cleft palates, tumors, or other birth defects in 32 countries around the world. Now that's something to smile about!.
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Movie PictureProducers Mark Burnett and Jeffrey KatzenbergWould like to share with you a centuries old Asian dining experience, Yatai Asian Tapas Bar in West Hollywood. For centuries Asian dishes have been home to Yatai, open-air street vendors offering a variety of appetizing dishes, goods and services. It is a place to relax, meet with friends and enjoy great food. Chef Koji Miyamato who formerly toiled at Koi and Sushi Roku Restaurants in West Hollywood, invites you to this unique communal dining style experience, where food, culture and friends are inseparable. For reservations, please call 310-289-0030.
Movie PictureSugar Ray LeonardWould like to dedicate this column to the recently departed {14}, former President of Lockheed, who managed the Burbank Airport for four decades. David represented Hollywood's best, and even looked like a star himself. His resemblance to the late {15} was uncanny, and he also possessed the same quiet charm and intelligence. He was one of the last people around who knew {16} and {17}. David was killed in an auto accident in his beloved Beverly Hills, and will be missed by all - particularly his beautiful wife of 65 years, {18}. They were a golden couple of which we on the Hollywood Beat can be most proud.
Movie PictureThe late David Simmons (former President of Lockheed) and his wife, BarbaraThe Malibu Guild for Cystic Fibrosis will hold its 10th Anniversary Dolphin Ball this Saturday evening, October 10th at a private estate in Malibu. Honorary chair {19} ( from The Terminator movies), {20} (from General Hospital) and {21} (from The Young and Restless) will host the $260/plate black-tie fundraiser with dinner and entertainment. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects the lungs, pancreas and, ultimately, the liver. Twenty years ago, children diagnosed with the disease weren't expected to live to adolescence. Advances in research and clinical treatment have extended not only the life expectancy of those diagnosed, but the quality of life as well. The charity event boasts an impressive silent auction selection of trips and entertainment-related items. Last year's silent auction alone raised $320,000 for the organization. For more information or to purchase tickets please contact Jean Chan at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ( or 323-655-8525).