As Tom Hanks stated, "Everybody loves Julia -- everybody". He was referring, of course, to the Pretty Woman herself, Julia Roberts who received the 22nd Cinematheque Award at the Beverly Hilton. She was lauded for her contributions to the art of the Moving Picture, by this organization, established in 1981, that celebrates film in all its forms. Prior recipients include Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman, Al Pacino and Tom Cruise, so she certainly was in good company.

The entire City Council of Malibu was present, including Mayor Jeff Jennings, along with actress Frances Fisher, Melissa Watkins, Producer of the Golden Globes, Andrew Ettinger, Literary and Media Consultant, and Jeraldine Saunders, author of the Love Boat. Lilly stole the show with her spectacular shimmering gown designed by Tatyana Peter. And we all were impressed by her hospitality and graciousness.

Who would have believed this was the last soiree ever to be held in the Castle, which was in escrow at $17 million dollars? Despite the fact that she lost her home, and priceless collection of family heirlooms and memorabilia, the Princess reflected, "My possessions don't posses me. My house does not posses me. I'm thinking about our boys in Iraq". A truly royal response, don't you think?

Our hearts and prayers go out to all families who have been affected by the horrendous fires in our great state.