Movie Picture Tyra Banks with Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell at I Have a Dream Foundation Gospel Brunch Football and Marci - talk about an oxymoron. We are more accustomed to attending black tie soirees at the Beverly Hills Hotel, or discussing opera with {0}. However, even society reporters attend Super Bowl Parties, and when {1} throws one at Spago, how could we refuse? The same held true for such fancy footballers as feminist attorney {2} (who admitted to me she didn't know who was playing), Astronaut {3} (who is more comfortable in outer space than at a football party) and {4}'s widow, {5}, whose colorful outfit brought a bit of Hollywood glamour to the occasion.
Movie Picture Wolfgang Puck with his 12 year old son, Byron As usual Woofie was busy hanging out in the kitchen, where everyone was invited to prepare their own hotdogs, hamburgers, chili or other comfort foods. Never though I'd be working alongside the master chef at Spago. Also in attendance was {6}, Wolfgang's former wife, who is still very active in the business, with her handsome English beau, {7}. Others enjoying the exciting game and most of all Prince's pulverizing performance, included Kiss's {8} and his significant other, former playmate, {9}. Gene told me he will be in Vegas on Feb. 15th for the Magic Show, to introduce Moneybag, his new line of men's clothing. We will be there ourselves interviewing the most famous boxers in the world for our new TV Show. Over 400 guests, including Eight is Enough's {10}, and the biggest (and I do mean the biggest) football fan in the joint, {11} owe thanks to Phoenix Book's {12} and {13}, along with {14} and {15} of Azteca America, for the most super Superbowl party ever.
Movie Picture Jennifer Garner, Host of Gospel Brunch {@IMG:7N89oyMMQ8l1Qq4ovEcetHniuRtN3K

While on a Sports theme, former San Diego Padre, Tommy Le Vasseur, hit a home run with his new eatery, TommRays in Studio City. Ed Begley Jr., and his lovely wife, Rachelle Carson (she used to be my pilates teacher), and Charlene Tilton were among the beautiful people who attended the event, hosted by another beauty, Carolina Bacardi. Guests were treated to Bacardi Voodo Doll Martinis and feasted on such specialties as Teryiaki Beef Bok Choy, Grilled Scotch Smoked Salmon and Dungeness Mini Crab Cake prepared by Executive chef Maryanne Z.

Movie Picture Gene Simmons (Kiss) with Host, Publisher Michael Viner
Movie Picture Barbara Lazaroff with her beau, John Hanwood at Super Bowl Soiree at Spago

God Bless Tyra Banks, creator and host of her own talk show, and America's Top Model. The 5'10" supermodel admits to weighing 160 glorious pounds, and agrees that the anorexic stars of today are poor role models indeed. We caught up with her recently at the I Have a Dream Foundation, at their Annual Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. Trya, along with Debra Martin Chase (Producer of The Princess Diaries), and Silvio Horta (Producer of Ugly Betty), received awards for sharing the foundation's vision to mentor at- risk children in L.A. Other celebs who participated in the event included Jerry O'Connell, Larry & Laurie David, Alexis Bledel and Rebecca Romijn. Right on girl - you are inspiration to us all on the Hollywood Beat.