The official opening of the social scene in Los Angeles is the LA Opera's Weekend Gala, which brings out the opulent operaphiles from our arts and entertainment community. Among those attending the opening night performance of Beethoven's Fidelio (the only opera he ever wrote) were billionaire philanthropists Eli and Edye Broad, Sid and Mercedes Bass, Michael and Jane Eisner, playwright, David Mamet, and Dennis and Elizabeth Tito ( fresh from his high flying trek to the International Space Station. And speaking of being "out of this world", what a performance by soprano Anja Kampe as Lenore! Not easy to break through Beethoven's orchestral outbursts, and still retain her feminine qualities, (even though she is disguised as a man in most of the opera).

Movie PictureMr. & Mrs. Eli Broad with Marta and Placido DomingoWe must admit that the first act had us a bit drowsy - with the muted sets and mundane costumes- but we were blown away by the exciting video presentation, which opened act two. The three-dimensional animated special effects by {10}, depicting a horrendous Spanish prison cell, were stunning. {11} as Florestan portrayed the tortured prisoner with proper pathos and despair, and later elation, when he is reunited with his faithful wife.
Movie PictureMelissa Joan Hart, Kellie Martin and her daughter, Maggie, at Baby LoveBesides the two principal artists making their debut with the L.A. opera, Music Director {12} welcomed {13}, for his debut season as Associate Conductor and Chorus Master. And the prison chorus did him proud with their rendition of Oh what joy, to be able to breath with ease in the open air. But the best musical note was issued by {14}, who announced that over $1.5 million dollars was raised, to secure the position of the Los Angeles Opera Company as one of the finest in the world.
Movie PictureMr. & Mrs. Michael Eisner at L.A. Opera Opening Gala Baby Love, a song of a different era, was the theme of the Annual Baby Love luncheon hosted by the March of Dimes at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Over 300 guests, including pregnant {15} and 7 month old daughter, Maggie, pregnant {16}, and {17} and son, Oliver, were on hand to purchase goodies from the boutique, featuring items from Born Free, StorkSak and Homemade Baby, to name a few. 25% of the profits benefited the March of Dimes, who is committed to improve the health of babies.
Movie PictureFred Savage & his son Oliver at March of Dimes FundraiserDid you know that this organization was founded in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt? Among their successes during the last seven decades, was research, which led to the Salk Polio Vaccine . Other celebs in a family way, enjoying this family day, included {18} (Full House) (who is expecting her first child any day, and {19}, who is expecting twin boys in November. She revealed that actress {20} just threw her a fantastic baby shower. Seems that Baby Love is going strong on the Hollywood Beat.
Movie PictureSoprano Anja Kampe (Fidelio) with Mr. & Mrs. Milan Panic who underwrote the Production