Kelly, who was associated with NBC Channel 4, for 28 years, has recreated herself as a successful mystery writer, and we were all given a copy of her new novel Graveyard Shift. She was introduced by her best pal, NBC Weatherman, Fritz Coleman, who revealed everything you ever wanted to know about Kelly, but were afraid to ask. Did you know that she was the first and the last anchorwoman to wear a bikini on camera? She still has the body to wear one, we might add, and certainly the personality to handle any chore.

to Author Kelly Lange at Genii AwardsBest pal, Camryn Manheim (who incidentally has lost a ton of weight) presented Leeza Gibbons with her award. Camryn is excited about her new film, Dark Water, which she says is too scary for her view. She extolled the virtues of the seemingly flawless Gibbons, and said her only vice is that she is always late for appointments. With a schedule like Leeza's who can blame her? Between her daily syndicated radio shows, numerous TV appearances, her position as head of Sheer Cover (a mineral based makeup company) and her line of scrapbooks, "Legacies" in memory of her mom who recently died of Alzheimer's – one wonders when the blond beauty has time to breathe

Woody Harelson at store opening in MalibuAnother group of leading ladies were present at the opening of James Perse Malibu, the first in a line of James concept stores which embody the California casual beach lifestyle. Starting out manufacturing baseball caps and comfortable t-shirts, he has established a multi-million dollar empire that has become a Hollywood staple.

Some of the Hollywood hotties who attended the grand opening included Famke Jansen, Jeanne Triplehorn and young actress Michelle Tractenberg, who jokingly revealed her plan to get more Perse clothes by announcing: "James (Perse) is my future husband".

Store Opening in MalibuOn the distaff side, basketball biggie Reggie Miller admitted he has to get all his James Perse duds custom made. "Unfortunately, I'm 6'7 and I can't walk into his stores and buy off the rack," said the former Indiana Pacer. And as for bearded Woody Harelson, seen posing with Perse, he probably just came along to admire the view of Malibu – or maybe it was Shannen Doherty - both vision of loveliness on the Hollywood Beat.