at Global Green USASixteen year old Q'Orianka Kilcher, star of The New World, was among the celebrity presenters at Global Green USA. This event honored industry leaders for their extraordinary environmental accomplishments, and raised over $300,0000 to benefit global warming initiatives and the rebuilding of New Orleans. Q.Orianka is so environmentally concerned that she arrived for the premiere of her film in a fuel-cell car. She says that she prefers to go camping or kite surfing, rather than watch movies, but that she plans to use her celebrity to make "positive changes in the world".

Honorees are recognized for their achievements in combating climate change and fostering sustainable development. Recipients include Ted Turner, Pierce Brosnan and Leonardo Di Caprio, who is joining General Wesley Clark to rebuild New Orleans in an environmentally sustainable way.

On the subject of natural beauty, we were invited to attend a reception featuring Elizabeth Shatner's " Art by Nature" collection, and Bob Lovett's" Santa Monica to the Serenget"(a real solar plexus warming experience). Elizabeth, who is the wife of William Shatner, is inspired to capture nature to stimulate one's mind. She delights when people "feel good" by viewing her impressionistic study of the inner world of flowers. She says it's like a "mystical connection". You can view her work at the Studio City Custom Frame and Gallery on Ventura Blvd.

& William Shatner at "Art By Nature" exhibitThe Friends of Sheba Medical Center held their Awards Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Humanitarians Anna & Max Webb received the Rabin Philanthropy Award for their support of synagogues, universities, hospitals and museums in both Israel and the United States. Max survived 12 slave labor and 6 concentration camps. and now is head of a huge construction empire. His triumph over the Holocaust is very inspiring indeed.

at Friends of Sheba eventJason Alexander (Seinfeld) was also honored for his charitable contributions. The award winning actor supports One Voice, a grass roots peace initiave uniting Israelis and Palestinians. What a guy.

The Easter Bunny is due on April 16th, and we have a great suggestion for Easter Sunday Brunch. The Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood is offering a delectable assortment of culinary delights for $45 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Included in the entrees are traditional eggs benedict, Yukon hash, blintzes and salmon medallions. There will be an Easter Bunny's Table, complete with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, petit fours, and cheesecakes, to name a few. You may call 310 - 854-1111 for further info and reservations. What a great way to spend Easter Sunday on the Hollywood Beat!