The paparazzi were out in full force at the premiere of God Grew Tired of Us at the Pacific Design Center. This documentary explores the indomitable spirit of the "Lost Boys" from the Sudan, who leave their homeland, triumph over insurmountable adversities and move to America. Brad Pitt, who is Executive Producer of the film, arrived with Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, who narrated the film, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. We had the opportunity to meet the three young men featured in the film: John Bul Dau, Daniel Abol Pach and Panther Blor, who were among the 25,000 "Lost Boys" ages 3-13, who made their home in the U.S. Despite their joy in adjusting to their new lives, the boys feel it is their duty to provide financial support for their community of friends and family back in Africa. They are working to build medical and educational facilities in Sudan. If you would like further info on their fund raising organization, check out

Movie Picture Nicole Kidman, who narrated the film In case you'd like to check out Brad Pitt yourself, you might catch him at Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel. We spied him having breakfast there with {8}, chomping away at his blueberry pancakes. Others who have enjoyed the fantastic fare prepared by Executive Chef, {9}, include American Idol's {10} and {11}, who brought along a group of 60, to celebrate having his footprints immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
Movie Picture Angelina & Brad at premiere of {12} Also spotted {13}, minus his dancing partner {14}. Seems Ms Schmirnoff is on the road with the Dancing With The Stars Tour, and she is not thrilled he is hosting the Miss America Beauty Pageant. She won't be there to keep watch over him, while he is rehearsing with all the pageant beauties. Mario is known for having a roaming eye, and who can resist those darling dimples!
Movie Picture The late Beverly Rogers, Susan Stafford (Wheel of Fortune), Patty & Arthur Newman, and his brother Paul Newman We dined there with the indomitable {15}, a few days before his Worse Dressed List was published. Note that aforementioned Angelina Jolie was not on this list, but was selected as a Fabulous Independent, along with {16} and {17}. Must note that Mr. Blackwell once stated, Why does {18} always look like she is auditioning for a Fellini Movie? Foolishly, I was quite upset about this. Now I realize what an honor it is to be noticed by this famed arbiter of good taste.
Movie Picture Mr. Blackwell & Marci (note the stockings!) And last, but not least, wish to pay homage to {19}, (the widow of {20}) who died last week in Rancho Mirage. Buddy, who was formerly married to {21}, starred in Wings, which won as Best Picture at the First Academy Awards. Buddy left a legacy of caring and giving, and Beverly was a true philanthropist. She donated to such causes as the Buddy Rogers Youth Symphony, United Cerebral Palsy and Alzheimer's Association to name a few. {22} (Original Hostess of Wheel of Fortune) delivered the blessing at the memorial, along with good friends {23}, Paramount's {24}, and {25}'s brother Arthur. Goodbye to a beautiful lady who shall be missed on the Hollywood Beat.
Movie Picture Mr. Blackwell and Chef Daniel Roberts (Asia de Cuba)