Last week spent time with some of the most handsome and talented men in the world - including George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, and Adam Beach, who you will be hearing about in more detail. First of all, gorgeous George received the 21st American Cinematheque Award at the Beverly Hilton from his gal pal Julia Roberts, who admitted that before she met her husband, he was the best man she knew. The Oscar winning actor, director and social activist was feted by everyone on Hollywood's "A" List, including Morgan Freeman, Selma Hayek and Christan Slater, who stated, "He's a great artist and a phenomenal humanitarian."

Movie PictureClint Eastwood, Sumner Redstone, Steven Spielberg & Brad Gray at {5} He also has a reputation as a great prankster, as related by {6} who worked with Clooney on TV's ER. He can also take a joke, like the video clip featuring actor {7}, doling out refunds to patrons in Tangiers who viewed Clooney's critically maligned flick Batman and Robin. Of course, his undeniable sex appeal was acknowledged by actress {8} (who knew him way back when), who said his greatest aspiration was to be voted the Sexiest Man Alive. Also nice to note that he is the most stand-up guy in Hollywood! Funds raised from this event support Cinematheque's film and video programs at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre, and Santa Monica's Aero Theatre.
Movie PictureGorgeous George Clooney at Cinematheque Then, a few nights later, we were invited to the world premiere of {9}'s World War II masterpiece, Flags of our Fathers. The 76 year old Oscar winning actor/director was on hand to receive a standing ovation, along with {10}, and most of the young stars of the military masterpiece.
Movie PictureActor Adam Beach, star of Flags . We were particularly impressed with {11}, who portrays {12}, one of the three survivors who raised the American flag on Mount Suribachi. Beach, a member of the Saulteaux Tribe, was born on the Dog Creek Reserve near Winnipeg, Canada. He is known for his role in Disney's family film Squanto, and earned a Best Actor Award from First Americans in the Art. You probably have seen him in {13}'s action film, Windtalkers. But when you catch his performance as the disillusioned 'hero in Flags, you know his star is rising.
Movie PictureSydney Pollack, Julie Newmar (Cat Woman) and John Scott at ConcertAs a matter of fact, He was announced as the Rising Star at the forthcoming Palm Springs film festival at a soiree at actress/producer {14}'s Beverly Hills Home (the former estate of {15} and {16}). Can an Oscar be far ahead?
Movie PictureCharles Durning, Samantha Eggar & Conductor John Scott at Hollywood SymphonyTo get back to multi-talented Clint Eastwood, did you know that he composed the music from Flags of our Fathers? The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra presented a world premiere of music from contemporary Academy Award contenders, and included the theme from this World War II Drama. There was a special introduction of the Marines in the audience before the premiere, which resulted in a standing ovation for our young men in uniform. Conductor {17}, with celebrity guests including {18}, and {19} presented a program ranging from {20}'s classic score for the 1938 film Alexander Nevsky, to exclusive world concert premieres. A most stirring evening indeed on the Hollywood Beat.