A star was born in the fantastic form of Ana Lucia Dominguez, who plays the lead in Gringo Wedding. Already well known in Latin America (she starred in the very popular Mexican telenovela Amores Cruzados), Ms.Dominguex portrays a Columbian beauty looking for Mr.Right via a dating agency, "Agencia Del Amor". The problem is she does find him, in the formidable form of Justin Kane, but they don't speak the same language. But not to worry folks, Sebastian Boscan, as their flamboyant translator, tries to bridge their differences in religion, culture as well as their language problems, and the result is hilarious and touching.

Movie PictureManager, Mark Levin, and his new discovery, Ana Lucia Dominguez{3}, who functions as writer, producer and director of Gringo Wedding, managed to bring in the film for less than $5 million dollars, and crated a romantic comedy that spans all nationalities. Sixty percent of the dialogue in the film is in Spanish, while the other forty percent is English (don't worry there are subtitles), and the result is Spanglish (a language everyone can understand). After all, love is certainly the universal language for us all.
Movie PictureTas Salini, Writer, Producer and Director of Gringo Wedding We attended the premiere with super agent and manager {4}, who has represented numerous glamorous actress such as {5}, and {6}, as well as the greatest beauty of them all, {7}. Mark is currently developing a film project based on her extraordinary life. After seeing Ana as the bride in Gringo Wedding, he signed her to an exclusive management contract and says She has the beauty, talent and charisma that make a star And we agree!
Movie PictureJohnny Mathis, who will be honored by Society of Singers Speaking of star power, {8} will be presented with the Ella Award by the Society of Singers on September 12th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Mathis is celebrating his 50th anniversary as a recording artist, and he still looks like a teenager! {9} and {10} are among the stars who will perform at the black tie event. Mathis joins such former honorees as {11} and {12} in receiving this honor for significant musical accomplishment.
Movie PictureAna Lucia Dominguez & Justin Kane stars of Gringo Wedding We have attended the Society of Singers Awards since their very first recipient {13} received hers in 1991. This is one event you won't want to miss.
Movie PictureMonty Hall, who will host Tennis Tournament Save Sept 15, l6 & 17th for the Merchant of Tennis/Monty Hall Diabetes Tennis Tournament to benefit Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Included is a gala cocktail reception and movie screening at the Arclight Cinema, and a casual gourmet luncheon at the Playboy Mansion. All this and tennis too! Mixed and men's doubles tennis will be held at Mountaingate Country Club, with lunch furnished by Jerry's Famous Deli. You may purchase tickets to all these events, or select those of interest to you. For further info, please call 310-659-5517 or visit their website at {14}. A wonderful way to support a great cause on the Hollywood Beat.